Structural Survey: Volume 26 Issue 3


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Use of PC elements for waste minimization in the Sri Lankan construction industry

Nayanthara De Silva, S.B.K.H. Vithana

In the construction industry, it is well known that there is a relatively large volume of material being wasted due to a variety of reasons. The problem of material waste on…


A critique of the evolving funding process for the care of Anglican medieval cathedrals in England

John R. Mansfield

The purpose of this paper is to examine the background issues that influence the level of central government funding of the care and maintenance of the provincial Anglican…


Towards building information modelling for existing structures

Yusuf Arayici

The transformation of cities from the industrial age (unsustainable) to the knowledge age (sustainable) is essentially a “whole life cycle” process consisting of planning…


The influence of soluble salts on the decay of Moenjodaro, Pakistan

Enrico Fodde

The World Heritage site of Moenjodaro, located in the Indus flood plain and dating to the early Bronze Age, is believed to be the most important urban centre of the Indus valley…

Air gaps in building construction avoiding dampness and mould

Tord af Klintberg, Gudni Johannesson, Folke Björk

Water damage is a severe problem in modern construction, causing economic loss and health implications. The patented Air Gap Method, which is a slight modification of the common…




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