Structural Survey: Volume 25 Issue 3/4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Law in the Built Environment

Guest Editors: Paul Chynoweth

Legal and contracting issues in electronic project administration in the construction industry

Sharon Christensen, Judith McNamara, Kathryn O'Shea

The purpose of this research project is to identify the legal and security issues, risks and barriers to the uptake of communication and document management technologies by the…


Assessment and enforcement of liquidated damages in construction contracts in Ghana

M.M. Tuuli, B.K. Baiden, E. Badu

The enforcement of liquidated and ascertained damages (LADs) can be problematic when the amounts are poorly assessed and there are lapses in the administration of contracts. This…


An investigation of evaluative and facilitative approaches to construction mediation

Penny Brooker

The paper seeks to examine the debate on mediator style and provide empirical evidence on mediator orientation, which has implications for party choice and the development of…


Common sense applied to the definition of a dispute

Angus Reid, Robert C.T. Ellis

The paper seeks to examine how the existence of a “dispute” for the purpose of construction adjudication has been determined and to consider whether direct application of the…


The changing framework for conservation of the historic environment

John Hudson, Philip James

The paper seeks to examine the background to the UK Government White Paper on the conservation of the built environment, and particularly to identify drivers for legislative…


Evolving heritage control and practice: the case of Anglican churches in English parishes

John Mansfield

As part of its broader re‐evaluation of heritage policy, the UK Government has reviewed the Ecclesiastical Exemption, a long‐standing system that removes certain ecclesiastical…


Improving curriculum theory and design for teaching law to non‐lawyers in built environment education

Robert J. Morris

The paper sets out to contribute to the ongoing debate on the deficiencies in the teaching of law to non‐law students, specifically, addressing the question of whether the…


Juritecture of the built environment: a different view on legal design for multiple use of land

Daniëlle A. Groetelaers, Hendrik D. Ploeger

This paper aims to introduce a new view on the role of the lawyer in the process of development and maintenance of the built environment.

Defects in common property of strata developments in Singapore: Representative actions against developers

Alice Christudason

The paper seeks to consider the basis on which a management corporation can represent original and subsequent purchasers of units in strata developments in a representative action…


Problems in enforcing Dutch building regulations

Jeroen van der Heijden, Henk Visscher, Frits Meijer

The paper seeks to define the nature of the policy problems in Dutch building control.


Appropriate real estate laws and policies for sustainable development in Nigeria

Rashidat Adejoke Oladapo, Abiodun Olukayode Olotuah

The paper seeks to describe the historical development, current status, and operation of real estate law and policy in Nigeria in the context of global requirements for…




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