Structural Survey: Volume 23 Issue 5


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A not so clean slate

Barry Hunt

This is an initial attempt to classify natural roofing slate quality using the new European Standard BS EN 12326 and suggest how such classification may be employed to predict…

A whole life costing input tool for surveyors in UK local government

Kirsty Hunter, Subashini Hari, John Kelly

The purpose of the project was to develop a framework document and input tool for use in local government to enable quantity surveyors and others with enough knowledge to produce…


The impact of RICS education reform on building surveying

Sara Wilkinson, Mike Hoxley

It is of major concern to the surveying profession that the seven years between 1994 and 2001 witnessed a decline in the numbers of UK student surveyors of nearly 50 per cent…


Sustainable design in its simplest form: Lessons from the living villages of Fujian rammed earth houses

Stephen Siu‐Yiu Lau, Renato Garcia, Ying‐Qing Ou, Man‐Mo Kwok, Ying Zhang, Shao Jie Shen, Hitomi Namba

The aims of the study are to analyze the features of a socially self‐contained society; to analyze the features of an environmentally sustainable society; and to generate a…


The causes of external wall tiling defects in Hong Kong

Daniel C.W. Ho, S.M. Lo, C.Y. Yiu

This paper provides a comprehensive review of the literature concerning the various causes of failures of external wall tile finishes.




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