Structural Survey: Volume 22 Issue 2


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Improving the flood resistance of domestic property

Chris Broadbent

A number of factors are now combining to make floods in the UK more frequent, more widespread and more costly. These include greater variations in weather patterns with more and…


The impact of flooding on residential property buyer behaviour: an England and Australian comparison of flood affected property

Chris Eves

Since the late 1990's‐2003, there have been a number of severe floods in areas that have not been subject to this level of flooding in earlier times. All these recent floods have…


Impact of flood characteristics on damage caused to UK domestic properties: the perceptions of building surveyors

Robby Soetanto, David G. Proverbs

Flood damage to domestic properties can be considered as a function of two key factors, that is, the flood characteristics and characteristics of the property. A thorough…


Flooding in buildings: assessment, limitation and rehabilitation

Paul Wordsworth, David Bithell

There is an increasing body of knowledge and experience of dealing with flooded buildings, which is incrementally becoming more readily available to both building owners and…


Potential common law liability for privately provided flood defences

Peter Wynn

Public bodies have no statutory duty to provide flood defences and do not have enough funds to meet all their requirements. This has led to a recognition that flood prevention is…




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