Structural Survey: Volume 2 Issue 4


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Recent developments in glass fibre reinforced cement

Jim Edwards

The use of fibrous materials as tensile reinforcement for cementitious products having a relatively low tensile strength dates back to pre‐Christian times. The physical properties…

The surveyor in conservation 3 – Surveying Churches

Richard Catt

Of the 17,000 churches and chapels in England nearly half survive from the Middle Ages and the duty of continuing the care that has preserved them for so long largely falls on the…


Hugh McArthur

In tomorrow's world there will be more attention paid to the conservation of materials and energy. Energy is often a significant input in the production of materials. A greater…

Leasehold flats and structural surveys

Anthony L. Poole

In considering leasehold flats, it should be remembered that the same considerations apply more or less equally to all cases where an occupier of part of the premises has partial…

Stone renovation in buildings

T.A. Bailey, D.G. Ball MFB

Some historic observations With the exception of our prehistoric and primitive stone built ‘homes’ such as Chysauster and Cam Euny hut circles in Cornwall, the cromlechs, dolmens…

The private certification of building control 2

P.H. Pitt

In the last article on private certification of building control we looked at Part II of the Housing & Building Control Bill — clauses 29 to 40, which dealt with Initial Notices…

Formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde cavity wall insulation

P.V.L. Barret

Formaldehyde and UF foam cavity wall insulation Urea formaldehyde (UF) foam cavity wall insulation was introduced into this country, from Denmark, in 1959. Relatively little was…

Survey of commercial leasehold property

Malcolm Hollis

In considering property for this Checkpoint article I have not listed a specific method of construction but have set out to comment on the survey of properties which are held…



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