Structural Survey: Volume 2 Issue 3


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Private certification of building control

P.H. Pitt

Introduction The Housing and Building Control Bill had reached the House of Lords when the general election intervened. It was re‐introduced to the new Parliament almost unamended…

The surveyor in conversation: 2 – Sources of materials for conservation works

Richard Catt FRICS

Buildings have always been the result of labour and materials applied with enterprise and this has changed little since the Middle Ages: the principal source of building materials…

The powers of a party wall surveyor

John Anstey

It is well known that the power of a party wall surveyor appointed under the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939, is great indeed. He can, by his award, bind his appointing…

Reinforced brickwork retaining walls

W.G. Curtin

Introduction The Victorian engineers built literally miles of mass brickwork retaining walls. Such walls relied on their dead weight to resist the overturning forces and tensile…

London's underground capital

Ellis Hillman

Underground space is a valuable commodity — no less valuable because it is largely unseen. This space is especially valuable in towns and cities where land values are at a…

The survey of post‐war semi‐detached houses

Malcolm Hollis

This type of house was usually erected by developers or builders for sale when completed. They often infilled areas of bomb damage in suburban locations, or were situated on the…



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