Structural Survey: Volume 18 Issue 2


Table of contents

Playing back the past. Part 1: deciphering old structures and the work of the RCHME

Simon Mack

Postulates the metaphor of a “video camera” to discuss the way old structures accumulate physical signs of the events through which they have existed. Outlines the nature and…


Building regulation and sustainable housing. Part 2: technical issues

Robert Lowe, Malcolm Bell

If the building control system is to deliver housing which achieves major reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, it is important to ensure not only that energy efficiency…


New directions of environmental management in construction: accepted levels of pollution

Joseph S.L. Yip

Argues that the traditional construction procurement and management dimensions of time, quality and cost should be augmented by a fourth dimension – the environment. Discusses the…


Unnecessary inconvenience and compensation within the party wall legislation

Paul Chynoweth

Examines the obligations to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and to pay compensation for loss or damage within the Party Wall, etc. Act 1996. Considers the argument that the two…


Accrediting the surveyors

Stephen Mika

This paper reviews a computerised system ISIS (Interactive Survey Information System) which could be used for the assessment or accreditation of those that inspect buildings. In…

Learning building pathology using computers – a prototype application

Mark Shelbourn, Ghassan Aouad, Mike Hoxley, Eric Stokes

Building defects are notoriously difficult to identify, even by the most experienced surveyor. Traditional training methods of identifying defects in buildings involved the…




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