Structural Survey: Volume 17 Issue 1


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Legal liability for tree root damage

Del Williams

Highlights the importance, when undertaking survey work, of being aware of the potential damage to property from encroachment by tree roots. Reviews the general principles and…


Adhesion of tiles for external cladding

M.Y.L. Chew

This paper highlights the significance of environmental effects and movements on the performance of tile adhesive. Discusses the selection of the appropriate tile adhesive for…

BREEAM provides new and growing opportunities for work for building surveyors

Michael Ross Jayne, John Mackay

Recent years have seen a growth in the importance afforded to environmental issues, including the environmental aspects of property. One manifestation of this growth is the…


The use of thermography for the detection of external finishes defects of buildings in Hong Kong

Siu Ming Lo

Infrared thermography is said to be a technique that can detect external finishes defects. However, there exist numerous parameters that can affect the accuracy of this technique…


Wall‐tie corrosion or sulphate attack: some aspects of diagnosis

Robert Jackson, Barry Scott

A number of local authority‐built properties in the Aberdeen area were found to display evidence of horizontal cracking. An investigation carried out on one of these properties…


Contractual and statutory liability for building defects in Singapore

Stephen Donohoe

Singapore and the UK share the same common law heritage. English law was imported into Singapore through the colonisation of the island in the nineteenth‐century. Singapore law…


A guide to the Internet and World Wide Web

Stephen Todd

Describes the historical development of the Internet and World Wide Web as an information resource. Provides a guide for browsing, searching and capturing data and identifies some…




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