Structural Survey: Volume 15 Issue 4


Table of contents

The impact and changing role of the field computer within the surveying profession

Turlough Kane

Reviews the changing role of the field computer in the surveying profession and addresses the primary users and requirements of portable IT in geotechnical applications. Describes…


The development of ground floor constructions: part II

James Douglas

Continues the investigation into the development of ground floors in residential buildings. Focuses on the constructional features of traditional ground floors, both solid and…


Means of escape in case of fire ‐ a flexible approach

David R. Gibson

Considers aspects of the requirements of the current building regulations as they relate to fire design and fire safety. Reviews the requirements of Part B in respect of occupancy…


Team inspections of high‐rise buildings in Hong Kong and the UK

D.W. Lomas

Covers topics such as the method and order of inspection, use of checklists and inspection data sheets, team inspections and the roles of the various contributing consultants and…


Premature staining of new buildings ‐ causes and remedies

Phil Parnham

States that over the last decade an increasing number of new buildings have become disfigured in the first few years of their use. Outlines a recent major study of this phenomenon…



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1983 – 2016

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