Structural Survey: Volume 13 Issue 1


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Why involve design professionals in construction safety?

Tony Hetherington

Investigates the reasoning behind the CONDAM regulations which haverecently come into force. Posits that all surveyors, engineers andarchitects in the construction industry have a…


Strength development, deformation properties and mix design of pulverized fuel ash concrete

R.V. Balendran, H.W. Pang

Discusses the properties of pulverized fuel ash (PFA) concrete bothin its fresh and hardened states, with emphasis on aspects which arerelevant to warmer localities such as Hong…


An informative guide to the specification of plasters and renders : Or the basic steps to getting plastered

K. Aitkenhead

Provides basic steps and general guidelines for the correct use ofplaster and render. Includes suggestions of several preparationsavailable to aid this process.


Sealed expansion vessels: a review of current practice

Herbert Philip Rockhill

Reviews the application and design of systems using sealedexpansion vessels from circa 1967 to the present day, incorporating alltypes of systems. Discusses the fundamental…


High rise refurbishment: a brave new world or old problems recycled

Hilary Davies

Government funding is directed towards the refurbishment ofrun‐down high‐rise blocks and estates of local authority housing throughEstate Action. While glossy annual reports…


“Jerry building” – surveyors′ liability arising out of mortgage valuations

Paul Murrells

Considers three cases decided in 1993 and 1994 relating to asurveyor′s liability for failing to comment adequately on seriousdefects in properties when carrying out inspections…




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