Structural Survey: Volume 11 Issue 4


Table of contents

“Mothballing” buildings: proactive maintenance and conservation on a reduced budget

Tim Hutton, Huw Lloyd

Discusses aspects of the decay of buildings due to neglect throughthe restraints of financial stringencies. Examines factors in the spiralof decay and neglect, including problems…

The cleaning of historic masonry: the current situation

Nicola Ashurst

Outlines the current processes and materials used in the cleaningof historic stonework, giving a broad background to the situation as itstands at present. Discusses the reasons…

Why do structural surveyors and valuers go wrong with subsidence?

Richard Radevsky

Discusses the reasons why structural surveyors and valuers overlooksubsidence problems, with reference to legal claims for damages, andgiving examples from recent court cases.

Subsidence: the time is ripe for change

John Pryke

Outlines the application of technology used in detecting andremedying the problems caused by subsidence and settlement, and theresponsibility placed on surveyors in detecting it…

Trees and historic buildings: part 1

Richard Catt

Outlines the laws which protect historic buildings and describeslegal responsibilities that may arise from tree ownership. Examines bothhow ancient buildings and trees are…

Update on The Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Alistair Redler

Provides an update on the stipulations of The Access toNeighbouring Land Act 1992, which received the consent of the LordChancellor and came into force on 31 January 1993.

Conditions necessary for upgrading existing industrial ground floor surfaces

Brian Tillyer

Outlines some of the relevant work that FeRFA (the trade Federationrepresenting manufacturers, raw material suppliers and contractors ofresin based flooring systems) has initiated…

Historic brickwork: part 1

Gerard Lynch

Outlines the development of English brickwork from 1485 to 1914,highlighting the many external influences that were underpinning thestyles and practices of the various periods…



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