Structural Survey: Volume 11 Issue 3


Table of contents

Structural surveys of public houses

Keith Chapman, Victoria Edwards

Summarizes a number of recurring issues which have arisen during arecent series of structural surveys of public houses undertaken by theauthors. Provides a background to the…

The staining and discoloration of stone

B.F. Miglio, B.J. Hunt

Discusses the problems associated with the staining anddiscoloration of stone used in building projects, based on theexperience of experts at Messrs Sandbergs, Consulting…

EC legislation in construction and its effects on the construction industry

A.A. Pinney

Discusses the effects of EC legislation on the constructionindustry in the light of the opening of the Single European Market on1st January 1993. Outlines the background to…

House inspection in the USA and Canada

Kevin O’Malley

Outlines the North American profession of home inspection,discussing its history, practice and procedures, and highlighting thedifferences from the British system. Explores such…

Landslides in Great Britain: investigation and management

E.M. Lee

Outlines the threat posed by landslides in Great Britain, andexamines the ways in which potential problems can be identified andaccommodated by developers and engineers in the…

Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Alistair Redler

Discusses the Access to Neighbouring Land Act of 1992, designed toprovide owners and occupiers of buildings with a fair system for gainingaccess to neighbouring land in order to…

Developments in sound insulation over the last ten years

N.R. Jarman

Describes some of the new techniques and materials developed overthe last ten years in sound insulation. Discusses common problems incontrolling external noise, intrusion, sound…

Building services: maintenance systems and policies

Richard H. Rooley

Reviews a series of building services with an emphasis onmaintenance systems and policies. Discusses commissioning as the hingebetween construction and use. Explores the evolution…



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