Structural Survey: Volume 10 Issue 4


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Early ornamental plasterwork: Part 2

Jane Schofield

Discusses the techniques of repair and conservation of earlylime‐based plasterwork. Considers the problems of cracks in plaster,detachment of plates of plaster, the breaking up of…

Engineering education and qualification in Europe

John Cormack McKenzie

Examines the aim of the EC in allowing free movement ofprofessionally qualified persons throughout the community. Discusses thedifference in length and structure of EC countries 

Pitched metal roofs

Peter Falconer

Offers guidelines for surveyors dealing with pitched metal roofsbuilt between the early 1970s and the present. Discusses roof pitchrecommendations, insulation, linings…

Fungal decay in oak building timbers

B.V. Ridout

Discusses the forms of decay that can affect oak heartwood, sapwoodand wet oak. Examines white rot fungi and brown rot fungi, in particularthe way in which they attack oak, giving…

Quality assurance: a blessing or a burden?

Keith D. Dew

Examines the principle and details of BS 5750 accreditation in thecontext of professional firms. Discusses the three parts of BS 5750:design manufacture and installation…

Refurbishing railway arches

Gregory D. Beecroft

Describes the technical challenges presented by railway archrefurbishment, and how these challenges are being overcome. Considersthe problems, constraints, and user requirements…

Bonding timbers in old brickwork

Sinclair Johnston

Considers the problems caused by decay of bonding timbers in 17thto 19th century brickwork. Discusses the investigation process needed tofind structural timbers, and examples of…



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