Structural Survey: Volume 10 Issue 1


Table of contents

The environmental control of timber decay

T.C. Hutton, H. Lloyd, J. Singh

Points to the decline of “craftsmanship” as a factorleading to the demise of the ability to control timber decay in anenvironmentally‐friendly fashion. Considers pesticides and…

Fountain refurbishment: practical pointers

Eric Roberts

Suggests refurbishment of the many disused public fountains(estimated at up to 2000 in the UK) can be achieved at a fraction of thecost of creating new water displays. Briefly…

Glass and glazing systems: their role in fire protection

Stuart Howe

Considers the attributes of glass in fire protection. Brieflyreviews the three main types of fire resisting glasses; wired glass,heat treated fire glass and insulating glass…

Underground railways/tunnelling and the effects on buildings

E. Robert Bewick

Reviews the various problems associated with tunnels (such asunderground railway and sewerage systems) below urban areas, and theireffects on surface buildings. Discusses briefly…

Pest birds: The role of building design and maintenance

Michael Howard, Peter Barrett, David Oldbury MIEH

Reviews the species and characteristics of bird pests, defined asbirds whose activities impinge significantly on buildings and theiroccupants; feral pigeons, starlings, house…

Czechoslovakia – Part I

Richard Catt

Describes something of the history and geography of Czechoslovakiabefore describing, with photographs, some of the most interesting andimportant buildings in the country. Points…

English/French building terms for surveyors

N.J. Foulds, P.F. Adams

Provides a glossary of some (around 150) English‐French andFrench‐English building and surveying terms. References the Technicalhelp to Exporters service, and three specialist…

1990 Survey Report Competition – the winning report Part 2

P. Robinson

Reproduces the report on a residential property adjudged by theStructural Survey journal to be the best (i.e. mostcomprehensive and helpful) observed in 1990.



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