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Table Of Contents: Volume 9 Issue 2

Management Games and Simulations in Management Development: An Introduction

Robert A. Wells

Management games arose on the scene in the late 1950s and werederived from World War II simulations. Since then, they have grown inuse and can be found in most major…

The Dynamics of Learning through Management Simulations: Let′s Dance

Stephen A. Stumpf, Jane E. Dutton

Management simulations are used in many adult education programmes.Yet, little has been written about how people learn throughparticipation in such simulations. After a…

Utilising Simulation Games: Three Consulting Experiences

Peggy A. Golden, Jerald R. Smith

Simulation games, like other experiential exercises, are methods ofdeveloping management skills that involve higher levels of learning.This article presents three cases of…

Developing Hospital Administrators with the Canadian Hospital Executive Simulation System

U.S. Knotts, Leo G. Parrish, Charles A. Shields

This article describes the Canadian Hospital Executive SimulationSystem (CHESS), which has been developed by two of the authors, Knottsand Parrish, in co‐operation with…

Simulations for Bank Management Education

Charles W. Haley

Computer‐based simulations have been widely used in bankingeducation for many years. It is estimated that over 25,000 bank managershave been exposed to one or more of…

Developing Self‐awareness through Simulation Gaming

Betty Ann Bailey

Computer simulation is used in a behavioural training programme toeffect changes in behaviour and managerial style. Role‐playing by teammembers, such as leadership…

Cross‐cultural Learning in a Multinational Business Environment

Al Edge, Bernard Keys

The emphasis on cross‐cultural learning is discussed, through themedium of the Multinational Management Game, whereby top managementdecision making is undertaken by…

Go Ahead – Take ADVANTIG!

Lori Wenzel, David Roitman, Michael Wood

This article is a short, informative piece regarding a technologyimplementation simulation tool developed by the Industrial TechnologyInstitute (ITI). The simulation…

Introducing Executive MBA Programmes with Management Games

Carl Gooding, Bernard Keys

The EMBA is the fastest growing segment of the executive educationmarket. The heavy demands of course schedules on top of otherwise heavywork schedules produce…



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