Journal of Management Development


Human Resource Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 8 Issue 1

Improving University Executive Programmes

Edward G. Verlander

How to make university‐based executive programmes more effective bymaking certain design and delivery changes is discussed. It is arguedthat the programmes can be made…

The Improved Nominal Group Technique (INGT)

William M. Fox

Nominal Group Technique (NGT) minimises many problems associatedwith conventional interactive group problem solving; however, its verbalinputting feature is unnecessarily…

Beware of your Stakeholders

Frank G.M. Post

As a result of its “stakeholder” approach, humanresource development strategies were developed and successfullyimplemented to serve a most important stakeholder group …

Trainings that Demystify Strategic Decision‐making Processes

Roger L.M. Dunbar, Stephen A. Stumpf

It is argued that training programmes about strategic decisionmaking tend to take an analytic approach. In doing so, they simplyoverlook the surprises and chaos that often…

The Practice of Training: A Matter of Perspective

Chip R. Bell, Fredric H. Margolis

Training, it is claimed, has many meanings. Through examining itsgoals, its special interpretations are best appreciated. Training withdifferent goals is referred to as…

The Business School′s Impact on US Competitiveness

Achilles A. Armenakis, J. Don Flowers, Henry B. Burdg, Kimberly M. Kuerten, Sammy O. McCord, H. David Arnold

A nation′s capacity to compete in international markets isinfluenced by a number of factors including R&D expenditures,radical innovation, productivity, machine tool…

Business Ethics: Practical Proposals

Gael M. McDonald, Raymond A. Zepp

While most people agree that the inculcation of ethical awarenessis desirable, the means of stimulating this awareness vary amongcompanies, industries and cultures. The…



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