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Human Resource Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 20 Issue 4

Women, equality and construction

Sandra L. Fielden, Marilyn J. Davidson, Andrew Gale, Caroline L. Davey

Examines the situation faced by women in the UK construction industry. Finds that women are confronted by a significant number of barriers, beginning with difficulties in…

Alternative work arrangements among professionals and managers

Shelley M. MacDermid, Mary Dean Lee, Michelle Buck, Margaret L. Williams

This study examines part‐time work arrangements among 78 women professionals and managers to learn more about their implications for career development. Specifically, it…

The effectiveness of human resource practices on advancing men’s and women’s ranks

Paul G.W. Jansen, Mandy E.G. van der Velde, Inge A. Telting

The present longitudinal study examines the effect of 105 different human resource practices, grouped into four domains (staffing, human resource development, hygiene…

Taking a hard look at formal mentoring programs

Stacy D. Blake‐Beard

Research indicates that although women have achieved virtual parity with men when entering organizations, within five to six years their careers begin to lag behind those…

Organizational values, work experiences and satisfactions among managerial and professional women

Ronald J. Burke

This study examined the relationship of managerial and professional womens’ perception of organizational values supportive of work‐personal life balance in their workplace…

Women managers and diversity programs in Mexico

Gina Zabludovsky

Up to three or four years ago, practically no private company in Mexico was concerned with implementing specific policies to support and advance women executives. However…

Advancing women in business organizations

Mary C. Mattis

Examines the role of key players such as front‐line and middle managers as well as executives in implementing and sustaining corporate gender diversity initiatives…



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