Sensor Review: Volume 9 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Esprit: Sensors and savoir faire

Traditionally, discrete parts or batch‐based manufacturing and process control have been quite distinct areas of design engineering. A robotic assembly cell and a glass…

Fibre optic sensors: a future moneyspinner?

Are fibre‐optic sensors a money making technology? It is a pertinent question given the fact that they have been identified as an area of particular interest within sensor…

Distance sensing: making light work

Clive Loughlin

This article examines the various methods available for the measurement . of distance using light. These can vary considerably in price and performance and therefore an…

Piezoresistive sensors: the pressure goes on

Henri Hencke

Advancements in producing piezoresistive pressure sensors have opened up exciting new markets for these pressure determining devices. Up to 10 times more sensitive than…

Object recognition gets in focus

Dmitri Konash

A great number of object recognition systems for industry have been designed during the last 10–15 years.[1,2] Most of them use TV‐cameras as data sources.[3] The main…

Fusing sensor systems: promises and problems

Per Holmbom, Ole Pedersen, Bengt Sandell, Alexander Lauber

By tradition, sensors are used to measure one desired parameter; all other parameters influencing the sensor are considered as interfering inputs, to be eliminated if…

Ultrasonic ranging gets thermal correction

J. M. Martin, R. Ceres, L. Calderón, T. Freire

This paper presents some aspects of the research activities on sensors for robots, developed in the Instituto de Automatica Industrial (IAI) during the last years. The…

The penny drops for magnetic sensors

Stephen McClelland

Build a better card reader and the world will beat a path to your door Emerson might have said. For one Cardiff‐based company it may be turning out to be true.

USITT makes the going easy

Stephen McClelland

It came originally as a suggestion from Ford Motor Company: a university‐based institute that could function as an industrial club, providing a clearing house on…

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