Sensor Review: Volume 9 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Still eyeing up the opportunities

A unique agreement in electronic imaging between Hadland Photonics and Polaroid may be about to pay off, as Stephen McClelland reports.

Food sensors get in on the act

The food and drink industry is taking a keen interest in sensors as a group from Core Consultants reports.

A sense for food

The food industry worldwide looks like benefiting from a battery of sensors now being developed in the laboratory, as Dr Peter Smith explains.

Keeping an eye on optical disks

Robert Woodrough

Pressing problems in optical‐disc manufacture need to be quickly and precisely identified.

Optical sensor research: a collaborative effort

Peter McGeehin

Optical sensor companies in the UK are getting together to organise their own research and development.

Soaring sales of silicon sensors

Peter Adrian, Emmanuel Vella

Experts claim over 50% of sensor applications are currently served by silicon‐sensor technology.

Fundamentals of sensor materials

Sensors for industrial inspection exploit many basic properties of materials, which Clive Loughlin explains here in his second article on the subject.

Europe shows off its sensor technology

Advanced devices and fabrication methods dominated the second Eurosensors conference held in The Netherlands in November 1988. Rory Chase reports.

Anemometer production: a silicon success story

Anton F.P. van Putten

A state‐of‐the‐art review of the present and future development of hot‐wire flow‐measuring devices.

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