Sensor Review: Volume 8 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Vision 88: myopic, but not blind

Consultant Don Braggins of MVS Consultancy reviews what was in evidence at the world's premier vision exposition.

Getting steamed up over humidity sensors

A small Cambridge company has been taking on the world in moisture sensing, as Stephen McClelland reports.

A clear view for fibre‐optic sensors

Tipped to be a major technology of the next decade, fibre‐optic sensors are already making some waves in the laboratory, as Stephen McClelland explains.

Advanced sensors: how to exploit R&D

Peter McGeehin of Compton Consultants explains the trends taking place.

Motoring towards automotive sensors

Strong trends of growth are becoming apparent in the area of sensor technologies for vehicle applications, as Stephen McClelland reports.

Proximity sensors: close to you

In the first of a new series, Clive Loughlin takes a close look at proximity sensors.

Update: German sensor technology

In the first of a new series, Sensor Review takes a look at possibly the most important sensor community in Europe.

Selecting NTC thermistors for control applications

Les Edwards

Two experts explain how to develop a common component for some sophisticated applications.

Sensor technology: Japan update

Sensor Review staff provide their regular survey of innovation in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’

Visual and tactile senses in collaboration

N Ghani

This article gives an account of ESPRIT Project 278 which aimed to create a robot system guided by visual and tactile senses.

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