Sensor Review: Volume 8 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Biosensors: chemical sensing with light

Brian Moon

Cambridge Consultants has developed a novel fluorescence‐based biosensor using laser light.

3D vision: a view to a sale

A revolutionary new 3‐D camera system has been developed, as Stephen McClelland explains.

Intelligent buildings: sensing a need?

A big market for sensors in the 1990's could be in so‐called intelligent buildings — if the predictions are correct, as Stephen McClelland explains.

Speech technology: beyond a hand to mouth existence

Suddenly speech technology looks viable for many real world applications, as Jack Hollingum explains.

Automatic recognition of characters on machined parts

Y. Mahdavieh

The development and Implementation of a character recognition system based on machine vision technology is discussed.

Is Sandia's nose patentable?

Stephen McClelland looks at an intriguing — but contentious development in the normally sedate world of hydrogen sensors.

Sensor development: Japan update

As usual innovatory sensors continue to pour out of Japan. Stephen McClelland surveys the latest.

Allen‐Bradley's VIM cleans up simple vision

Clive Loughlin

Allen‐Bradley's low‐cost vision system — the Vision Input Module (VIM) is reviewed and compared to the Intelligent Framestore offered by Image Inspection.

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