Sensor Review: Volume 8 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents

Stripe scanning for engineering

G.T. Reid, R.C. Rixon, H. Stewart

STRIPE — Scanning Triangulation Range Imaging Package for Engineering is examined by the National Engineering Laboratory.

Implementing machine vision: an IBM case study

J. Henry, C. Preston

A case study by IBM of machine vision implementation in the robotic assembly area of the Automated Logistic Production System used in manufacturing computers.

The lowdown on downhole monitoring

Even though it remains invisible, underground sensing is becoming highly important in many applications, as Stephen McClelland explains.

Tactile sensors for industrial robots

Alexander Lauber, Bengt Sandell, Per Holmbom, Ole Pedersen

Scientists at Linkoping Institute of Technology assess the state of tactile sensing and offer some of their own ideas.

Tackling the problem of sensor fusion

Sensor Review's regular analysis of the international sensor scene unearths some major challenges. Stephen McClelland reports.

Sensors: big in Japan

Stephen McClelland looks at a recent report on industrial goods distribution in Japan.

A hitchhiker's guide to vision systems

A leading consultant offers advice on the biggest question facing would‐be vision system users: how to choose a system in the first place.

Sensor development: Japan update

Sensor Review continues its monitoring of innovations in Japan. Stephen McClelland reports.

Polarography: at parts per billion

A new invention originally intended for military use could prove a radical innovation in process monitoring, as Stephen McClelland reports.

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