Sensor Review: Volume 8 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Reflex rings the changes with Dowty Seals

Inspection of simple components can be a demanding task in itself, as the Reflex company found out. Stephen McClelland reports.

EAL sees through the task of glass‐bottle inspection

A bottle‐inspection machine has opened up a new area of applications for machine vision company EAL. Jack Hollingum reports.

Giving AI real‐time sensing

Practical industrial AI systems could become very important if real‐time sensing systems could be developed to match them. Stephen McClelland reports.

Optical sensors: smaller, cheaper, faster

An intriguing new type of fibre optic pressure sensor has been developed by Leicester University researchers. Stephen McClelland went along to investigate.

The smart car needs smarter sensors

The ingenuity of sensor manufacturers looking to the potential market in auto instrumentation of the 1990s was evident at the Sixth International Conference on Automotive…

Schlumberger restructures and focuses on sensors

The Schlumberger group has launched an international attack on the high‐tech sensor market, as Stephen McClelland explains.

A suitable case for treatment

Condition monitoring using sensing techniques to predict disaster before it happens, is becoming increasingly important. Stephen McClelland reports.

EMO: sensing innovations in the area of machine tools

As process control needs become ever more stringent, sensors are moving into heavy industry, as Jack Hollingum noted at EMO in Milan.

Searching for trends in Japanese sensor technology

Sensor technology in Japan continues to grow in sophistication, as Stephen McClelland has discovered.

Vision scene: a transparently opaque business

The international vision processing community is entering uncharted waters, but now realism is coming to the fore and technological developments continue to be made…

Eurosensor: silicon makes a splash

Silicon sensors were among the rapidly advancing topics discussed at the Eurosensor conference held in Cambridge, UK, on 22–24 September 1987.

Magnetostriction: the competitive edge

A US start‐up company is developing applications for what could be a revolutionary sensor material. Stephen McClelland investigates.

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