Sensor Review: Volume 7 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Tracing a path for the mould maker

A new application field has been conceived for the touch trigger probe. Brian Rooks reports on Maetrace a new development from Renishaw that will convert a standard CNC…

Laser scanning cameras for in‐reactor inspection

R.S. Adrain, I.A. Armour, J.H. Bach

How do engineers inspect the inside of a nuclear reactor? Laser scanning can turn it into a normal television picture.

Infrared sensors extend process measurement

Infrared sensors are the fastest growing segment of a $1 billion a year temperature sensor market. Matt Guerreiri of Raytek explains why.

Sensor fabrication: micromachining marches on

Micromachining is becoming an increasingly important technique in sensor fabrication and could have huge potential commercially, as Stephen McClelland explains.

Rotary velocity and position transducers under review

G.R. Horner, R.J. Lacey

Successful incorporation of transducers into measuring devices depends on choosing the type most suited to the task.

Sensor technology: Japan update

Remarkably little information emerges about sensor technology in Japan, but as Stephen McClelland explains, developments there could be crucially important.

Engineering vision for PCB assembly

Norman Hodson

There are enormous cost advantages to be gained if PCBs can be made up using intelligent—and aware—placement systems.

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