Sensor Review: Volume 7 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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What's in a picture? — film digitisers provide the answer

Roger Hills, Joyce‐Loebl

Film digitisers and writers allow quantitative information to be extracted from photographic material. One such digitiser is in Joyce Loebl's Scandig range.

Sensors: making the most of piezo film

J. Victor Chatigny, Lester E. Robb

Piezo films – materials which produce an electrical charge when deformed — exhibit extremely unusual properties.

Automated inspection for the ‘gauge’ and ‘panel’ lines

Jack Hollingum

Automated vision Inspection is giving repeatable, objective assessments of automobile gauges and instrument panels at Delco Electronics.

Industrial growth for electronic eyesight

Hull‐based company Electronic Automation is finding a ready market for well engineered inspection systems using machine vision. Jack Hollingum went to find out.

Optical technologies — an agenda for the future

Roger Main

Roger Main gives a four‐part report on the optical technologies which are playing an increasingly important role in sensor development.

Biosensors — from concept to commercialisation

Rosemary Albinson

Rosemary Albinson, a staff scientist with Cambridge Consultants Ltd, discusses how biosensors are best developed and commercially exploited.

Conversing with computers

The spoken word has long been viewed as the ultimate replacement for the computer keyboard in man‐machine operations. Indeed, a number of such man‐machine interfaces have…

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