Sensor Review: Volume 6 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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STL makes light work of optical research

STC's research organisation with its associated centre for advanced manufacturing technology gives practical support inside and outside the group.

Gauging success for cable manufacture

Engineers at BICC are laying the foundations for future automated cable manufacturing factories. Stephen McClelland explains its first stages—the automation of process sensing.

Deriving range maps at real‐time video rates

S.M. Cotter, B.G. Batchelor

A depth map module, working with structured light, produces real‐time depth map pictures of three‐dimensional objects.

Worldwide sensor scene brought into focus

A compilation of international sensor developments reported in ManTech Analysis, the monthly journal scanning major research areas of manufacturing technology.

Curing a painter's headaches

A small Cambridge start‐up company has made it big by making equipment to accurately meter paint curing in the auto industry, as Stephen McClelland explains.

The pig that looks after railway lines

Cambridge Consultants' optical and signal processing work has produced one of the most efficacious monitoring systems yet developed: a sensor system that measures railway…

The last word in sensor directories

The Warren Spring Laboratory in the UK is embarking on a mammoth task — a gigantic database of 30,000 or so sensors, as Stephen McClelland explains.

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