Sensor Review: Volume 6 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Using visual inspection on the Ford assembly line

Mark J. Dixon

A vision system has been installed on the fully automated framing line at Ford, Southampton to check for incorrect body configurations.

Oil and gas industry looks to space

Jack Hollingum

Many types of sensing from satellites and aircraft are giving the offshore oil and gas industry increasingly comprehensive information.

Measuring up to expectations

Jack Hollingum

Simple principles plus electronics are helping a small instrument company to anticipate a new market.

Expert systems go on‐line at Blue Circle

Chris Taunton

LINKman, a supervisory control system embodying expert system techniques, is paying for itself in as little as six months.

Window on Japanese vision sensing

Jack Hollingum

Planer Products has just concluded a distribution agreement with Fuji Electric of Japan covering the company's image processing products.

Choosing a video input

This article is an edited extract from a new book ‘Image Analysis: Principles and Practice’ about to be published by Joyce Loebl, the image analysis equipment company.

Moiré fringe transducers come out of the shadows

Moiré fringe transducers have much potential — but they are being under‐utilised according to PA Technology. Sarah Gardner reports.

Machine vision market lacks perspective

Sarah Gardner

‘Machine intelligence and vision systems in practice’ was the subject of a recent seminar held by the Institution of Production Engineering.

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