Sensor Review: Volume 5 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Bridging the business‐technology gap

Out of an international management consultancy has grown a development organisation which bridges the business‐technology gap. Jack Hollingum reports how sensing…

Hybrid expert systems for image analysis

Mark J. Dixon

Software is now being developed which will allow non‐expert programmers to analyse complex images.

Research improves data interpretation

Now that most of the £350 million of Alvey funding has been allocated it is possible to see in what ways sensing technology stands to gain from the research programme.

BLOBS is the language for simulation and reasoning

CCL is looking at highly complex sensing data with the help of an artificial intelligence framework called BLOBS

Research into error recovery for sensory robots

M.H. Lee, D.P. Barnes, N.W. Hardy

Error recovery is the detection and correction of abnormal events or conditions in the operation of a robot system.

New opportunities with fibre‐optic measurement

C. Ovrén, M. Adolfsson, B. Hök, T. Brogårdh

The rapid advances in recent years made within the field of fibre optics and opto‐electronics open up new opportunities within many areas.

Direct measurement of fragmentary velocity and stereo depth

Ian Overington

Methods for sensing optical flow and stereo depth must be robust for computer vision applications.

Laser‐scattering aids inspection and orientation

R.J. Dewhurst, K.J. Swift

Laser‐scattering techniques have aided the correct orientation of mechanical components in automatic assembly. The same techniques can also lend themselves to certain…

Low cost vision system for simple recognition

The 9800 is a cost effective system that can be readily modified as demands for inspection or recognition change.

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