Sensor Review: Volume 5 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Low cost, high speed sensing of knitted fabrics

T.G. King, B.J.M. Murphy, R. Vitols

An automation project for linking knitted components has required development of a high‐speed vision sensing system

A simple technique for precise measurement

Fibre optic sensors offer many potential advantages for the measurement of physical parameters in process plants

Control by light

A project combining fibre‐optic sensing with optical actuation has recently been completed by GEC Research with the first UK demonstration of such a ‘Control by Light’ system

Fibre optic sensors—future light

Roger P. Main

The use of fibre optic sensors is a relatively new development but the future applications are enormous

Biosensors and transputers at CCL

Contract research company Cambridge Consultants is adding biotechnology to its range of sensing interests and is keeping its eye on the transputer. Jack Hollingum went…

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