Sensor Review: Volume 5 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Wavelength encoded optical fibre sensors

M.C. Hutley, R.F. Stevens, D.E. Putland

The use of optical fibres in sensors is opening up new possible applications for industrial measurement

Vision guides cutter at Westland Helicopters

R&D at Westland Helicopters has led to a vision guided cutting machine which will speed airframe part manufacture. Sarah Gardner reports.

Automated inspection for FMS

Co‐ordinate measuring machines are becoming an essential element in the latest generation of flexible machining systems. John Beckett, sales director of LK Tool, talked…

Vision systems are top priority in Japan

Many companies develop vision systems, but ultrasonics is now being used for some applications. John Hartley describes an unusual force‐sensing system from Hitachi.

New transducer, a unique concept for weighing

Sven Günther‐Hanssen

The load cell constitutes the most important part of an electronic scale for industrial weighing. It is basically the quality of this that determines the profit gained.

Robot and vision system designed as a package

The Adept vision‐guided robot system, which is now distributed in the UK and Europe by Meta Machines, incorporates new vision sensing features

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