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Comparison of performances of flexible sensors on foil and paper for efficient bacterial concentration measurement

Tijana Kojic, Milan Radovanovic, Goran M. Stojanovic, Bojana Pivas, Deana Medic, Hani Al-Salami

The purpose of this study was to develop flexible sensors for detection of different concentrations of bacteria, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus

A novel respiration pattern biometric prediction system based on artificial neural network

Rafiu King Raji, Michael Adjeisah, Xuhong Miao, Ailan Wan

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a novel respiration pattern-based biometric prediction system (BPS) by using artificial neural network (ANN).

Comparative analysis of range sensors for the robust autonomous navigation – a review

Ravinder Singh, Kuldeep Singh Nagla

The purpose of this research is to provide the necessarily and resourceful information regarding range sensors to select the best fit sensor for robust autonomous…

Study on the improvement of ultra-wideband localization accuracy in narrow and long space

Bo Cao, Shibo Wang, Shirong Ge, Wanli Liu, Shijia Wang, Shixue Yi

Wireless network localization technology is very popular in recent years and has attracted worldwide attention. The purpose of this paper is to improve the localization…

Application of 3D printed polymer composite as capacitive sensor

Sathies Thangavel, Senthil Ponnusamy

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the usage of three-dimensionally (3D) printed polylactic acid (PLA)-carbon black (CB) conductive polymer composite in the…

PDC-SiAlCN ceramic based wireless passive temperature sensors using integrated resonator/antenna up to 1100°C

Yuxi Yu, Bin Han, Fansen Xia

This paper aims to present wireless passive temperature sensors by using high-temperature stable polymer-derived silicoaluminum carbonitride (PDC-SiAlCN) ceramic materials.

High-precision six-degree-of-freedom pose measurement and grasping system for large-size object based on binocular vision

Guoyang Wan, Fudong Li, Wenjun Zhu, Guofeng Wang

The positioning and grasping of large-size objects have always had problems of low positioning accuracy, slow grasping speed and high application cost compared with…

Surface crack detection and monitoring in metal structure using RFID tag

Yawei Xu, Lihong Dong, Haidou Wang, Xiaozhu Xie, Peng Wang

RFID tags for sensing are available to operate and transmit sensing data to measurement equipment without battery and wires, which is a great advantage in establishing IoT…

Installation strategy and optimization of PM sensor for diesel engine

Dong Tang, Li Wang, Yang Liu, Ning Liu, Yuzhe Wu, Lie Chen

This paper aims to design and optimize the threaded fastener of leakage current particulate matter (PM) sensor. The corresponding air-tight test is conducted to ensure the…

Implementation and evaluation of a laser scan localization scheme for sensor nodes

Shugong Wei

In this paper, an experimental apparatus was designed and subsequent theoretical analysis and simulations were conducted on the effectiveness and advantages of a novel…

Super-resolution measurement method for passive wireless resonant surface acoustic wave sensor

Boquan Liu

This study aims to use resonant surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors, which have advantages in the harsh application environments, to measure different physical parameters…

Optimizing laser triangulation displacement sensor of 3D positioning and posture using COA Based BPNN

Yassine Selami, Na Lv, Wei Tao, Hongwei Yang, Hui Zhao

The purpose of this paper is to propose cuckoo optimization algorithm (COA)-based back propagation neural network (BPNN) to reduce the effect of the nonlinearities…

Design and optimization of sensor array for magnetic gradient tensor system

Shengzhi Chen, Minghua Zhu, Qing Zhang, Xuesong Cai, Bo Xiao

The differential magnetic gradient tensor system is usually constructed from the three-axis magnetic sensor array. While the effects of measurement error, sensor…

A position-sensitive electronic skin based on boundary potential projection theory

Youzhi Zhang, Zhengkang Lin, Xiaojun You, Xingping Huang, Jinhua Ye, Haibin Wu

This paper aims to report a flexible position-sensitive sensor that can be applied as large-area electronic skin over the stiff media.

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