Sensor Review: Volume 4 Issue 4


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Knowledge‐based vision software for car industry

Image analysis software developed by Manchester University's Wolfson Image Analysis unit has contributed to a major successful application by one British company and is…

A user friendly optical weld seam tracker

The Israeli company Elco has established a robotics company dedicated to the development of intelligent arc welding robot systems. It has sold its first system to a US…

Enhanced electron microscope imaging aids inspection

Fraser Sim

A new digital image processing system for slow scan devices such as scanning electron microscopes has overcome current difficulties in inspecting components such as…

Distance sensing uses automatic focusing technology

Primarily a distance sensor, the Honeywell Visitronic HDS‐23 also has potential in some applications as a simple line imager.

Ford uses vision in assembly machine

Vision systems are achieving the ultimate respectability by adoption in the motor car industry. This linescan application checks bolts going into an assembly machine at…

Speech recognition for computers in industry

Jon Upton

Speech data entry for computers offers many advantages — this article considers the vocabulary and training needed for its potential to be reached.

Prospects for speech synthesis in industry

Tom Scharf

This article looks at the developments that made customised speech synthesis possible and the potential applications.

Speech control of robots

Marek Okulewicz

The voice recognition system described in this paper is intended to replace a teaching pendant in industrial robots. It allows faster and more convenient programming.

Developments in synthetic speech

R.W. Green

Voice synthesis is developing well beyond gimmickry to the stage where it must not sound synthetic. The author describes how current development activities are making use…

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