Sensor Review: Volume 4 Issue 1


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Laser·based arc welding sensor monitors weld preparation profile

A. de Keijzer, R.J. de Groot

Automation of arc welding jobs is accelerating rapidly now that sensory feedback systems are beginning to become available. However, many of these systems have limited…

Location of glass tubes on a mesh belt conveyor

A. Browne

This article describes a computer vision system which was designed to locate glass tubes on a conveyor.

Speckle interferometry and other inspection techniques

John N. Butters

This paper discusses some of the general methods by which laser light has been used in engineering measurement. Some objectives set for optical measurement in this field…

Keying in to the growing machine vision market

A number of US machine vision companies are already well established and exploiting the market. Brian Rooks recently visited one of these, Octek, and learnt of the…

New sensing role for conductive polymer

Potentiometer manufacturer Colvern Ltd is engaged in a joint development project with a leading European weighing equipment company, and with DTI support, for a strain…

The case for laser measuring equipment

Laser calibration is becoming almost standard practice for machine tools aspiring to high levels of accuracy, and the Hewlett Packard system is now widely used by machine…

Lasers probe gas flow in engines

B.W. Dale

A group of laser techniques developed at the AERE is proving a powerful aid to design of diesel and petrol engines and shows promise for other industries in measurement of…

Real·time radiology of critical engine components

D. Müllenberg

The special design of an economic inspection system for aero‐engine turbine blades and vanes with X‐ray fluoroscopy and numerically controlled sample handling is described.

A vision system for the man on the shopfloor

ASEA, the Swedish robot builder, has introduced a robust robot vision system which is easy to program by the person on the shopfloor. John Mortimer reports.

Lasers find a home in FMS

Two speakers at last October's conference on Flexible Manufacturing Systems discussed the opportunities for use of lasers in FMS applications. Both were associated with…

Vision again dominates RoViSeC conference programme

Picking industrially relevant papers from the third RoViSeC conference was made difficult by the absence of any written papers. But they were there and here Brian Rooks…

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