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Remote sensing image super-resolution using deep–shallow cascaded convolutional neural networks

Haiqing He, Ting Chen, Minqiang Chen, Dajun Li, Penggen Cheng

This paper aims to present a novel approach of image super-resolution based on deep–shallow cascaded convolutional neural networks for reconstructing a clear and…

A new measurement for yaw estimation of land vehicles using MARG sensors

Gang Shi, Xisheng Li, Zhe Wang, Yanxia Liu

The magnetometer measurement update plays a key role in correcting yaw estimation in fusion algorithms, and hence, the yaw estimation is vulnerable to magnetic…

Robust image registration using subspace method in Radon transform domain

Ning Wei, Yu He, Junqing Liu, Peng Chen

The purpose of this paper is to represent a robust image registration method to align noisy and deformed images in their Radon transform domain. Due to the limitation of…

A review of principles of MEMS pressure sensing with its aerospace applications

Yaser Javed, Mohtashim Mansoor, Irtiza Ali Shah

Pressure, being one of the key variables investigated in scientific and engineering research, requires critical and accurate measurement techniques. With the advancements…


Study of the metrological characteristics of the hydrostatic pressure sensor

Igor S. Nadezhdin, Aleksey G. Goryunov, Yuri G. Svinolupov, Olga J. Zadorozhnaya

The purpose of this paper is to develop a digital hydrostatic pressure sensor with the required metrological and operational characteristics. The developed sensor is…

A novel multiple-axis MEMS gyroscope-accelerometer with decoupling frames

Pavel Baranov, Tamara Nesterenko, Evgenii Barbin, Aleksej Koleda, Shuji Tanaka, Takashiro Tsukamoto, Ivan Kulinich, Dmitry Zykov, Alexander Shelupanov

Technological capabilities of manufacturing microelectromechanical system (MEMS) gyroscopes are still insufficient if compared to manufacturing high-efficient gyroscopes…


Fusion estimation for nonlinear multi-sensor networked systems with packet loss compensation and correlated noises

Kai Zhao, Li-Guo Tan, Shen-Min Song

This paper aims to give the centralized and distributed fusion estimator for nonlinear multi-sensor networked systems with packet loss compensation and correlated noises…

Study on the electromagnetic fields of a novel small-angle transducer used in high-precision inertial sensors

Zongyu Chen, Jiuzhi Dong, Xingfei Li

Microsyn signal generators have been used in high-precision inertial sensors for their good structural stiffness and high sensitivity. However, as the stator and the rotor…


Optical sensor of components concentration in solution

Igor S. Nadezhdin, Aleksey G. Goryunov, Yuliya Yu Nadezhdina

This paper aims to focus on the development of an optical concentration sensor designed for measuring the concentration of components in solutions.

Measured accuracy improvement method of velocity and displacement based on adaptive Kalman filter

Xiaobin Xu, Minzhou Luo, Zhiying Tan, Min Zhang, Hao Yang

This paper aims to investigate the effect of unknown noise parameters of Kalman filter on velocity and displacement and to enhance the measured accuracy using adaptive…

Modeling for prediction of surface roughness in milling medium density fiberboard with a parallel robot

Mustafa Ayyildiz

This paper aims to discuss the utilization of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and multiple regression method for estimating surface roughness in milling medium density…

Optimization of electrostatic sensor based on sensor separation

Mozhde Heydarianasl

Electrostatic sensors are applied to measure velocity of solid particles in many industries because controlling the velocity particles improves product quality and process…

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