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EBT3-based dosimeter in characterizing UVA–LEDs with lambertian radiation pattern

Ahmad Fairuz Omar, Wan Long Chiong, Wei Yee Tan, Jia Wen Wong

This paper aims to propose an area under the curve model to represent ultraviolet (UV) exposure doses on EBT3 films (in mJ/cm2). The model was developed on a cross-section…

GEP-based predictive modeling of breathing resistances of wearing respirators on human body via sEMG and RSP sensors

Yumiao Chen, Zhongliang Yang

Breathing resistance is the main factor that influences the wearing comfort of respirators. This paper aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using the gene expression…

Reducing disturbance of crack location on crack depth-sensing tag

Yawei Xu, Lihong Dong, Haidou Wang, Yuelan Di, Xiaozhu Xie, Peng Wang, Miao Zhang

Crack sensor based on RFID tag has become a research hotspot in the field of metal structural health monitoring for its significant benefit of passive wireless…

A modified sensor fusion framework for quantifying and removing the effect of harsh environmental condition for reliable mobile robot mapping

Ravinder Singh, Kuldeep Singh Nagla

An autonomous mobile robot requires efficient perception of the environment to perform various tasks in a challenging environment. The precise sensory information from the…

Hybrid active contour model and deep belief network based approach for brain tumor segmentation and classification

Ayalapogu Ratna Raju, Suresh Pabboju, Ramisetty Rajeswara Rao

Brain tumor segmentation and classification is the interesting area for differentiating the tumorous and the non-tumorous cells in the brain and classifies the tumorous…

UV-induced photosensing characteristics of SiC and GaN nanowires

Kasif Teker, Yassir A. Ali, Ali Uzun

This study aims to investigate photosensing characteristics of SiC and GaN nanowire-based devices through exposure to UV light. The photocurrent transients have been…

A flexible, efficient and low-cost experimental platform for FMCW radars

Tao Wang, Ping Li, Mingfang Wang, DanDan Yang, Chaoyu Shi

This paper proposes a design of an efficient and automated experimental platform for frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radars. The platform can quickly flexibly…

Motion capture sensing techniques used in human upper limb motion: a review

Muhammad Yahya, Jawad Ali Shah, Kushsairy Abdul Kadir, Zulkhairi M. Yusof, Sheroz Khan, Arif Warsi

Motion capture system (MoCap) has been used in measuring the human body segments in several applications including film special effects, health care, outer-space and…

Quality detection of laser additive manufacturing process based on coaxial vision monitoring

Bo Chen, Yongzhen Yao, Yuhua Huang, Wenkang Wang, Caiwang Tan, Jicai Feng

This paper aims to explore the influences of different process parameters, including laser power, scanning speed, defocusing distance and scanning mode, on the shape…

Liquid level measurement based on multi-S-bend plastic optical fiber

Ning Jing

This paper aims to propose a liquid level sensor with a multi-S-bend plastic optical fiber.

Analysis and monitoring of IoT-assisted human physiological galvanic skin responsefactor for smart e-healthcare

Partha Pratim Ray, Dinesh Dash, Debashis De

Background: Every so often, one experiences different physically unstable situations which may lead to possibilities of suffering through vicious physiological risks and…

A fast ELM-based machine compression scheme for underwater image transmission on a low-bandwidth acoustic channel

Shujing Zhang, Manyu Zhang, Yujie Cui, Xingyue Liu, Bo He, Jiaxing Chen

This paper aims to propose a fast machine compression scheme, which can solve the problem of low-bandwidth transmission for underwater images.

Performance simulation and testing of capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducer

Rui Zhang, Lei Zhao, Dan Xie, Jinlong Song, Wendong Zhang, Lihu Pan, Yanhua Zhang

This study aims to simulate and test the performance of a transmitting and receiving capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT). Aimed at detecting demand of…

Low-cost planar vibration sensor using a modified computer mouse

Wei Xia, Lingwen Kong, Jiahuan Zhang, Hui Hao, Yiping Wang, Xiaoqi Ni, Ming Wang, Dongmei Guo

The purpose of this study aims to modify a self-mixing laser mouse as an extremely cost-effective displacement sensor to measure the mechanical oscillation of a commercial…

Research on shearer positioning with double-INS

Shijia Wang

This paper aims to improve shearer positioning accuracy. Shearer positioning using an inertial navigation system (INS) is a highly useful technology; however, positioning…

Bossed diaphragm coupled fixed guided beam structure for MEMS based piezoresistive pressure sensor

Manjunath Manuvinakurake, Uma Gandhi, Mangalanathan Umapathy, Manjunatha M. Nayak

Structures play a very important role in developing pressure sensors with good sensitivity and linearity, as they undergo deformation to the input pressure and function as…

Printed soft angular/torque sensors using carbon black-silicone composite

Muyang Li, Mahtab Assadian, Maziar Ramezani, Kean C. Aw

This paper aims to propose the need for soft and flexible sensors that actually measure the turning angle and torque of a joint. Conventional rigid angular/torque sensors…

Development of an optical tyrosinase biosensor (TCA) for detection of “Parathion-Methyl”

İlker Polatoğlu, Fehime Cakıcıoglu Ozkan

This paper aims to present a novel and cost-effective optical biosensor design by simple preparation method for detection of “parathion-methyl,” which is a model pesticide…

Design, performance evaluation and analysis of the inlet tube of pressure sensor for chamber pressure measurement

K. Gobi, B. Kannapiran, D. Devaraj, K. Valarmathi

In Aerospace applications, the inlet tubes are used to mount strain gauge type pressure sensors on the engine under static test to measure engine chamber pressure. This…

Performance of gas nanosensor in 1-4 per cent hydrogen concentration

Ghobad Behzadi Pour, Leila Fekri Aval, Parisa Esmaili

This study aims to investigate the fabrication of hydrogen gas sensor based on metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) microstructure. The palladium nanoparticles (PdNPs) as gate…

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