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Investigation of magnetic field anneal in micro-patterned amorphous ribbon on giant magneto-impedance effect enhancement

Zhu Feng, Shaotao Zhi, Lei Guo, Chong Lei, Yong Zhou

This paper aims to investigate magnetic field anneal in micro-patterned Co-based amorphous ribbon on giant magneto-impedance (GMI) effect enhancement.

An improved INS/PDR/UWB integrated positioning method for indoor foot-mounted pedestrians

Qigao Fan, Jie Jia, Peng Pan, Hai Zhang, Yan Sun

The purpose of this paper is to relate to the real-time navigation and tracking of pedestrians in a closed environment. To restrain accumulated error of low-cost…

A novel 3D shape reconstruction method based on maximum correntropy Kalman filtering

Man Chen, Yong Zhong, Zhendong Li, Jin Wu

This paper aims to investigate a novel shape from focus (SFF) algorithm based on maximum correntropy Kalman filtering (SFF-MCKF) for solving the problem that traditional…

Disturbance analysis and performance test of the polarization sensor based on polarizing beam splitter

Jian Yang, Ben Niu, Tao Du, Xin Liu, Shanpeng Wang, Lei Guo

Multiple-source disturbances exist in the polarization sensor, which severely affect the sensor accuracy and stability. Hence, the disturbance analysis plays a vital role…

Study of macro-bending biconical tapered plastic optical fiber for relative humidity sensing

Zi Guo, Fenghong Chu, Jinyu Fan, Ze Zhang, Zhenglan Bian, Gaofang Li, Xiaojun Song

The purpose of this paper is to propose and optimize plastic optical fiber (POF) probe with macro-bending biconical tapered structure for the relative humidity (RH) sensing.

Research on the performance of a novel SPR sensor based on graded index multimode fiber

Chunlan Liu, Yong Wei, Yudong Su, Hao Liu, Yonghui Zhang, Xiangfei Nie

This paper aims to propose and demonstrate a novel surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-sensing approach by using the fundamental mode beam based on a graded index multimode…

Human health monitoring using wearable sensor

C. Suganthi Evangeline, Ashmiya Lenin

The purpose of this paper is to design a human health monitoring system (HHMS) which helps in improving diagnostics at an earlier stage and monitoring after recoup.

An overview of biomolecules, immobilization methods and support materials of biosensors

Melis Asal, Özlem Özen, Mert Şahinler, Hasan Tahsin Baysal, İlker Polatoğlu

Traditional analytical methods are often time-consuming and require bulky instruments, making their widespread implementation challenging. This paper aims to represent the…

A mosaicking technique for object identification in underwater environments

Alexandra Pereira Nunes, Ana Rita Silva Gaspar, Andry M. Pinto, Aníbal Castilho Matos

This paper aims to present a mosaicking method for underwater robotic applications, whose result can be provided to other perceptual systems for scene understanding such…

Design of biomimetic human-skin-like tactile flexible sensor

Xiaozhou Lu, Xi Xie, Qiaobo Gao, Hanlun Hu, Jiayi Yang, Hui Wang, Songlin Wang, Renjie Chen

The hands of intelligent robots perceive external stimuli and respond effectively according to tactile or pressure sensors. However, the traditional tactile and pressure…

An efficient positioning solution in urban canyons using enhanced extended Kalman particle filter

Qimin Xu, Rong Jiang

This paper aims to propose a 3D-map aided tightly coupled positioning solution for land vehicles to reduce the errors caused by non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and multipath…

A review: metamaterial sensors for material characterization

A. Vivek, K. Shambavi, Zachariah C. Alex

This paper aims to focus on research work related to metamaterial-based sensors for material characterization that have been developed for past ten years. A decade of…

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