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Selective fluorescence sensing of p-nitroaniline and Fe3+ ions by luminescent Eu-based metal-organic framework

Yanyan Pu, Zongchao Yu, Fengqin Wang, Yiyuan Fu, Tao Yan, Honglin Cheng

The purpose of this study is to develop luminescence sensors for the detection of nitroaromatic compounds (NACs) and metal ions to protect human health and prevent…

Design and numerical analysis of high-reflective film used in F-P sapphire optical fiber high-temperature sensor

Qijing Lin, Zirong Wu, Na Zhao, Zhuangde Jiang, Qidong Zhang, Bian Tian, Peng Shi

The Fabry-Perot sapphire optical fiber sensor is an excellent choice for high-temperature sensing in civil and military fields, such as oil exploitation, engine and…

Hail suppression activities using TETRA-based sensor network

Vladan Borovic, Petar Spalevic, Srdjan Jovic, Damir Jerkovic, Vida Drasute, Dejan Rancic

This paper aims to show the implementation in the terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA)-based sensor network. The publicly available data show that, in Serbia, the annual…

Aqua-gel pH sensor: intelligent engineering and evaluation of pH sensor based on multi-factorial testing regimes

Mariam Mir, Murtaza Najabat Ali, Umar Ansari, Patrick J. Smith, Amber Zahoor, Faisal Qayyum, Sabtain Abbas

The fabrication and characterization of a hydrogel-based conductometric sensor have been carried out. The purpose of this research is to fabricate a small robust…

Calibration of rotating 2D LIDAR based on simple plane measurement

Zhe Gao, Jun Huang, Xiaofei Yang, Ping An

This paper aims to calibrate the mounted parameters between the LIDAR and the motor in a low-cost 3D LIDAR device. It proposes the model of the aimed 3D LIDAR device and…

Development and characterization of a high-sensitivity fiber Bragg grating-based vibrating nano-probe for 3D measurement

Fangfang Liu, Jingfan Wang, Lijuan Chen, Ruijun Li, Haojie Xia, Liandong Yu

There is an increasing demand for higher-accuracy dimensional measurements of nano- and micro-structures. Recently, the authors presented a fiber Bragg grating (FBG…

A deep learning method for data recovery in sensor networks using effective spatio-temporal correlation data

Jinghan Du, Haiyan Chen, Weining Zhang

In large-scale monitoring systems, sensors in different locations are deployed to collect massive useful time-series data, which can help in real-time data analytics and…

Multi-path selection based on fractional cuckoo search algorithm for QoS aware routing in MANET

Rama Rao A., Satyananda Reddy, Valli Kumari V.

Multimedia applications such as digital audio and video have stringent quality of service (QoS) requirement in mobile ad hoc network. To support wide range of QoS, complex…

Highly stretchable, rapid-response strain sensor based on SWCNTs/CB nanocomposites coated on rubber/latex polymer for human motion tracking

Ying Huang, Chao Hao, Jian Liu, Xiaohui Guo, Yangyang Zhang, Ping Liu, Caixia Liu, Yugang Zhang, Xiaoming Yang

The purpose of this study is to present a highly stretchable and flexible strain sensor with simple and low cost of fabrication process and excellent dynamic…

Sub-limit detection in SAW sensors by FFT spectral analysis of frequency time instability

Ionut Nicolae, Dana Miu, Cristian Viespe

The detection of H2 concentrations in concentrations undetectable by the conventional detection method of surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors based on frequency shift, by…

Developing open cavity solid-state laser for self-mixing sensor

Ke Kou, Tianhong Lian, Cuo Wang, Guanlei Zhang

As an emerging measurement technique with the merit of easy alignment and high sensitivity, laser self-mixing interferometry (SMI) has wide applications in the detection…

Planar array magnetic induction tomography further improvement

F. Li, M. Soleimani, J. Abascal

Magnetic induction tomography (MIT) is a tomographic imaging technique with a wide range of potential industrial applications. Planar array MIT is a convenient setup but…

Study of the influence of temperature on the measurement accuracy of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters

Liang Ge, Hongxia Deng, Qing Wang, Ze Hu, Junlan Li

The purpose of this study is to deal largely with the influence of temperature variation on the measurement accuracy of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter.

Design, simulation, fabrication and testing of ultrasonic gas flowmeter transducer (sensor)

Seyed Foad Mousavi, Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi, Hossein Azizi Moghaddam

Invasive transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement involves the use of ultrasonic transducers, which sense the flowing fluid and are the most important parts of an…

An overview of human activity recognition based on smartphone

Guan Yuan, Zhaohui Wang, Fanrong Meng, Qiuyan Yan, Shixiong Xia

Currently, ubiquitous smartphones embedded with various sensors provide a convenient way to collect raw sequence data. These data bridges the gap between human activity…

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