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The international journal of sensing for industry

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Fabrication and characterization of conductive poly(dimethylsiloxane)-carbon nanotube nanocomposites for potential microsensor applications

Shiva Akhtarian, Hadi Veladi, Sajedeh Mohammadi Aref

The purpose of the study is to explore the potential possibility of using the conductive and piezoresistive nanocomposites that consist of insulating…

A two-parameter distributed sensing system for temperature and strain monitoring based on highly nonlinear fiber

Yage Zhan, Ziyang Shen, Zeyu Sun, Qiao Yu, Hong Liu, Yong Kong

The purpose of this paper is to theoretically analyze and experimentally demonstrate the investigation of and present a kind of sensing system for monitoring simultaneous…

Methods of removal wide-stripe noise in short-wave infrared hyperspectral remote sensing image

Shi-Qi Huang, Wen-Sheng Wu, Li-Ping Wang, Xiang-Yang Duan

This paper aims to study the removal of wide-stripe noise in hyperspectral remote sensing images. There is a great deal of stripe noises in short-wave infrared…

Comparison and optimization of PVD and CVD method on surface roughness and flank wear in hard-machining of DIN 1.2738 mold steel

Fuat Kara, Burak Öztürk

This paper aims to examine the performance of the machining parameters used in the hard-turning process of DIN 1.2738 mold steel and identify the optimum machining conditions.

Electrochemical DNA biosensors: a review

Bushra Rafique, Mudassir Iqbal, Tahir Mehmood, Muhammad Ashraf Shaheen

This review aims to focus on recent reported research work on the construction and function of different electrochemical DNA biosensors. It also describes different…

Study on the transmission path and timing scheduling for WSNs with heterogeneous nodes

Huiyuan Zhao, Yuxing Mao, Tao Cheng

Application environments of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) include heterogeneous nodes with different packet sizes, transmission abilities and tolerable delay times. This…

A review of routing protocols in internet of vehicles and their challenges

Oussama Senouci, Zibouda Aliouat, Saad Harous

This paper is a review of a number routing protocols in the internet of vehicles (IoV). IoV emphasizes information interaction among humans, vehicles and a roadside unit…

Fiber Bragg grating sensor-based monitoring strategy for slope deformation in centrifugal model test

Yongxing Guo, Jianjun Fu, Longqi Li, Li Xiong

Centrifugal model tests can accelerate the characterization of landslides and demonstrate the form of slope failure, which is an important measure to research its…

High spatial and temporal resolution film thickness planar sensor: comparison of geometries

Adriana Bonilla Riaño, Hugo Fernando Velasco Peña, Oscar Mauricio Hernandez Rodriguez, Antonio Carlos Bannwart

The purpose of this paper is to study planar sensor geometries for the measurement of film thickness in a viscous oil–water flow. The study is relevant due to there are…

Fiber Bragg grating based displacement sensors: state of the art and trends

Wenlong Liu, Yongxing Guo, Li Xiong, Yi Kuang

The purpose of this paper is to present the latest sensing structure designs and principles of information detection of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) displacement sensors…

A novel WiFi indoor positioning strategy based on weighted squared Euclidean distance and local principal gradient direction

Wei Zhang, Xianghong Hua, Kegen Yu, Weining Qiu, Shoujian Zhang, Xiaoxing He

This paper aims to introduce the weighted squared Euclidean distance between points in signal space, to improve the performance of the Wi-Fi indoor positioning. Nowadays…

An improved diagnosis technique for breast cancer using LCFS and TreeHiCARe classifier model

Deepika Kishor Nagthane, Archana M. Rajurkar

One of the main reasons for increase in mortality rate in woman is breast cancer. Accurate early detection of breast cancer seems to be the only solution for diagnosis. In…

Calibration of magnetic compass using an improved extreme learning machine based on reverse tuning

Yanxia Liu, JianJun Fang, Gang Shi

The sources of magnetic sensors errors are numerous, such as currents around, soft magnetic and hard magnetic materials and so on. The traditional methods mainly use…

Point cloud measurements-uncertainty calculation on spatial-feature based registration

Lijun Ding, Shuguang Dai, Pingan Mu

Measurement uncertainty calculation is an important and complicated problem in digitised components inspection. In such inspections, a coordinate measuring machine (CMM…

Robust and efficient vanishing point detection in unstructured road scenes for assistive navigation

Jiaming Han, Zhong Yang, Guoxiong Hu, Ting Fang, Hao Xu

This paper aims to propose a robust and efficient method for vanishing point detection in unstructured road scenes.

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