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A novel testing system for biomechanical evaluation of the bone or bone fixator

Zhanshe Guo, Zhaojun Guo, Xiangdang Liang, Shen Liu

Biomechanical properties of bones and fixators are important. The aim of this study was to develop a new device to simulate the real mechanical environment and to evaluate…

Wearable sensors for ECG measurement: a review

Sudha Ramasamy, Archana Balan

Recent developments in wearable technologies have paved the way for continuous monitoring of the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, without the need for any laboratory…

Continuous glucose monitoring: a systematic review of sensor systems and prospects

Partha Pratim Ray

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a notable invention introduced in the biomedical industry. It provides valuable information about intermittent capillary blood…

Inkjet printing for the fabrication of flexible/stretchable wearable electronic devices and sensors

Alaaldeen Al-Halhouli, Hala Qitouqa, Abdallah Alashqar, Jumana Abu-Khalaf

This review paper aims to introduce the inkjet printing as a tool for fabrication of flexible/wearable sensors. It summarizes inkjet printing techniques including various…

Remote chemical sensing: a review of techniques and recent developments

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide technical details of the techniques used for the remote detection of chemical compounds in a number of applications and also to highlight key…

CeO2/TiO2 core/shell nanoparticles as quantitative gas sensor at room temperature

Susan Samadi, Ghasem Asadi Cordshooli, Mohammad Yousefi, Khadijeh Kalateh, SeyedAmirabbas Zakaria

This paper aims to introduce constructed CeO2/TiO2 core/shell nanoparticle as sensitive substance organic compounds.

Comparative performances of phenolic sensors based on various CeO2-carbon material nanocomposites for environmental safety

Faisal K. Algethami, Hadi M. Marwani, Abdullah M. Asiri, Mohammed M. Rahman

The purpose of this study is to prepare various CeO2-based carbon material (CNT, CB, GO) nanocomposites through a wet chemical process for the development of a sensor…

Dynamic analysis of the resonator for resonant accelerometer

Haoyu Wang, Yan Li

This paper aims to develop a resonant accelerometer for structure optimization. The dynamic analysis of the resonator for resonant accelerometer are investigated.

Multi-modal haptic image recognition based on deep learning

Dong Han, Hong Nie, Jinbao Chen, Meng Chen, Zhen Deng, Jianwei Zhang

This paper aims to improve the diversity and richness of haptic perception by recognizing multi-modal haptic images.

Piezoresistive strain sensor array using polydimethylsiloxane-based conducting nanocomposites for electronic skin application

Yung Sin Chong, Keat Hoe Yeoh, Pei Ling Leow, Pei Song Chee

This paper aims to report a stretchable piezoresistive strain sensor array that can detect various static and dynamic stimuli, including bending, normal force, shear…

Tracking of moving magnetic target based on magnetic gradient system with total field magnetometers

Liming Fan, Xiyuan Kang, Quan Zheng, Xiaojun Zhang, Xuejun Liu, Zhoushan Geng, Chong Kang

This paper aims to focus on the tracking of a moving magnetic target by using total field magnetometers and to present a tracking method based on the gradient of a…

Calibration of three-axis magnetometers with alternative iteration looping optimization method

Ting Li, Jinsheng Zhang, Shicheng Wang, Dongyu Li, Zhifeng Lv, Jiangjun Jiang

This study aims to find a novel solution to the calibration of three-axis magnetometers to suppress errors of sensors. The nature of the calibration process is parameter…

A hybrid method for MEMS gyroscope signal error compensation

Xiaoting Guo, Changku Sun, Peng Wang, Lu Huang

This paper aims to propose a hybrid method based on polynomial fitting bias self-compensation, grey forward-backward linear prediction (GFBLP) and moving average filter…

Genetic optimization of hybrid clustering algorithm in mobile wireless sensor networks

Sangeetha M., Sabari A.

This paper aims to provide a prolonging network lifetime and optimizing energy consumption in mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSNs). MWSNs have characteristics of…

Prolonging network lifetime and optimizing energy consumption using swarm optimization in mobile wireless sensor networks

Sangeetha M., Sabari A.

This paper aims to provide prolonging network lifetime and optimizing energy consumption in mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSNs). Forming clusters of mobile nodes is a…

Uncertainties evaluation of coordinate transformation parameters in the large-scale measurement for aircraft assembly

Zhengping Deng, Shuanggao Li, Xiang Huang

For the measurement of large-scale components in aircraft assembly, the evaluation of coordinate transformation parameters between the coordinate frames of individual…

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