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Design optimization of key components’ spatial position of unilateral axle counting sensor

Weiming Tong, Yanlong Liu, Xianji Jin, Zhongwei Li, Jian Guan

The unilateral axle counting sensor is an important railway signal device that detects a train. For efficient and stable detection, the amplitude of induced electromotive…

Hybrid feature descriptor and probabilistic neuro-fuzzy system for face recognition

Hima Bindu, Manjunathachari K.

This paper aims to develop the Hybrid feature descriptor and probabilistic neuro-fuzzy system for attaining the high accuracy in face recognition system. In recent days…

Methodology for digital preservation of the cultural and patrimonial heritage: generation of a 3D model of the Church St. Peter and Paul (Calw, Germany) by using laser scanning and digital photogrammetry

Abdalmenem Owda, José Balsa-Barreiro, Dieter Fritsch

Representative cultural heritage sites and monuments around the world have been lost or damaged by natural disasters, human conflicts and daily erosion and deterioration…

Modeling perceived quality of haptic impressions based on various sensor data sources

Peter Schlegel, Lars C. Gussen, Daniel Frank, Robert H. Schmitt

This paper aims to provide an approach of modeling haptic impressions of surfaces over a wide range of applications by using multiple sensor sources.

Electromagnetic based acoustic energy harvester for low power wireless autonomous sensor applications

Izhar, Farid Ullah Khan

The purpose of this paper is to develop a novel electromagnetic-based acoustic energy harvester (EH) for the application of wireless autonomous sensors.

Enhanced photoelectric responses induced by visible light of acetone gas sensors based on CuO-ZnO nanocomposites at about room temperature

Yuxin Miao, Guofeng Pan, Caixuan Sun, Ping He, Guanlong Cao, Chao Luo, Li Zhang, Hongliang Li

The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of doping, annealing temperature and visible optical excitation on CuO-ZnO nanocomposites’ acetone sensing properties and…

Fabrication and performance evaluation of two multi-layer passive micromixers

Xueye Chen, Jienan Shen, Zengliang Hu

The purpose of this study is to provide a micromixer for achieving effective mixing of two liquids. The mixing of two liquids is difficult to achieve in microfluidic chips…

Direct electrochemical bacterial sensor using ZnO nanorods disposable electrode

Mohamed Ghazi Al-Fandi, Nid’a Hamdan Alshraiedeh, Rami Joseph Oweis, Rawan Hassan Hayajneh, Iman Riyad Alhamdan, Rama Adel Alabed, Omar Farhan Al-Rawi

This paper aims to report a prototype of a reliable method for rapid, sensitive bacterial detection by using a low-cost zinc oxide nanorods (ZnONRs)-based electrochemical sensor.

Kinetic study and characterization of a platinum electrode/sensitive membrane for malachite green detection

Ilhem Ghodbane, Rochdi Kherrrat, Saida Zougar, Rim Lamari, Redouane Haddadji, Mohamed Saleh Medjram

The purpose of this work is to explore electrical properties of an electrochemical sensor designed for the detection of malachite green (MG) present in an aqueous solution.

Mobile-distributed seepage monitoring method based on fiber Bragg grating sensing technology

Jiang Chen, Junli Zheng, Feng Xiong

The spatial resolution of seepage monitoring methods based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) temperature sensing technology is limited by the distance between measurement…

Signal filtering for a small-diameter, dual-axis FOG inclinometer

Chunhua Ren, Xiaoming Hu, Poyun Qin, Leilei Li, Tong He

Measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system has been used to provide trajectory and inclination parameters of the oil and gas well. Fluxgate magnetometer is a traditional…

Micro-cracks detection of multicrystalline solar cell surface based on self-learning features and low-rank matrix recovery

Xiaoliang Qian, Heqing Zhang, Cunxiang Yang, Yuanyuan Wu, Zhendong He, Qing-E Wu, Huanlong Zhang

This paper aims to improve the generalization capability of feature extraction scheme by introducing a micro-cracks detection method based on self-learning features…

Secured data aggregation in wireless sensor networks

Sathya D., Ganesh Kumar P.

This study aims to provide a secured data aggregation with reduced energy consumption in WSN. Data aggregation is the process of reducing communication overhead in…

Overhead ground wire detection by fusion global and local features and supervised learning method for a cable inspection robot

Xuhui Ye, Gongping Wu, Fei Fan, XiangYang Peng, Ke Wang

An accurate detection of overhead ground wire under open surroundings with varying illumination is the premise of reliable line grasping with the off-line arm when the…

Measuring of cutting forces and chip shapes based on different machining parameters

Obrad Anicic, Srdjan Jovic, Ivica Camagic, Mladen Radojkovic, Nenad Stanojevic

The main aim of the study was to measure the cutting forces and chip shapes based on different machining parameters.

Non-wearable human identification sensors for smart home environment: a review

Ghassem Mokhtari, Nazli Bashi, Qing Zhang, Ghavam Nourbakhsh

This paper aims to provide a review of different types of non-wearable human identification sensors which can be applied for smart home environment.

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