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Energy-aware localization algorithm for Ocean Internet of Things

Ying Guo, Qinghe Han, Jinxin Wang, Xu Yu

Localization is one of the critical issues in Ocean Internet of Things (OITs). The existing research results of localization in OITs are very limited. It poses many…

A novel calibration method based on Kirchhoff theory for piezoelectric dynamometer

Yu Tian, Jun Zhang, Zongjin Ren, Wei Liu, Zhenyuan Jia, Qingbing Chang

This paper aims to improve calibration and force measurement accuracy of multi-sensors’ piezoelectric dynamometer used in thrust measurement of rocket/air vehicle engine.

Contactless Yagi-patch EMG electrodes design and development for prosthetics

Riaan Stopforth, Andrew Mangezi

A contactless electromyography (EMG) electrodes design and development for prosthetics, particularly the Touch Hand 3, was the main objective of this paper. The…

A wireless passive pressure sensor based on aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna

YanJie Guo, QiuLin Tan, Fei Lu, GuoZhu Wu, Lei Zhang

This paper aims to present a novel wireless passive pressure sensor based on an aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna embedded with an air cavity for pressure measurement.

Effect of pre-strain and KMnO4 oxidation of carbon nanotubes embedded in polyurethane on strain dependent electrical resistance of the composite

Petr Slobodian, Pavel Riha, Robert Olejnik, Jiri Matyas

The synergistic effect of functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNT) using KMnO4 oxidation and initial tensile deformation on the electrical resistance of…

Nanophotonic technologies driving innovations in molecular sensing

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide a technical insight into recent molecular sensor developments involving nanophotonic materials and phenomena.

Estimation of tool wear according to cutting forces during machining procedure

Obrad Anicic, Srdjan Jovic, Nenad Stanojevic, Mladen Marsenic, Branko Pejovic, Bogdan Nedic

The main purpose of the study was to analyze the relationship between cutting forces and tool wear during turning of steel 30CrNiMo8.

Design and manufacture of TNT explosives detector sensors based on GFET

Saeid Masoumi, Hassan Hajghassem, Alireza Erfanian, Ahmad Molaei Rad

Smart sensors based on graphene field effect transistor (GFET) and biological receptors are regarded as a promising nanomaterial that could be the basis for future…

Analyzing of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor for pumping aggregates

Milos Milovancevic, Edvard Tijan

The purpose of this research paper is to develop and analyze micro-electro-mechanical systems sensor for vibration monitoring of pumping aggregate.

A dual-mode proximity sensor with combination of inductive and capacitive sensing units

Wenqing Kan, Ying Huang, Xiao Zeng, Xiaohui Guo, Ping Liu

The purpose of this paper is to present a dual-mode proximity sensor composed of inductive and capacitive sensing modes, which can help the robot distinguish different…

Modeling and analysis of the disturbance about an active vibration isolation system

Junbing Qian, Liping Bao, Chuankun Ji

Precision active vibration isolation system (AVIS) is crucial for the mechanical processing equipment in the field of precision manufacturing. Working reliability and…

Sensing with terahertz radiation: a review of recent progress

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide a technical insight into a selection of recent developments and applications involving terahertz sensing technology.

Continuous wide spectrum odor sensing for electronic nose system

Wenli Zhang, Fengchun Tian, An Song, Zhenzhen Zhao, Youwen Hu, Anyan Jiang

This paper aims to propose an odor sensing system based on wide spectrum for e-nose, based on comprehensive analysis on the merits and drawbacks of current e-nose.

A review on in-tire sensor systems for tire-road interaction studies

Yi Xiong, Xiaoguang Yang

The aim of this paper is threefold: first, to review the technological state of the art on tire sensor systems; second, to summarize basic methodologies and explore the…

Improvement of Doppler measurement using multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) concept in radar-based automotive sensor detecting pedestrians

Shafinaz Mohd Basir, Idnin Pasya, Tajmalludin Yaakob, Nur Emileen Abd Rashid, Takehiko Kobayashi

This paper aims to present an approach of utilizing multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar concept to enhance pedestrian classification in automotive sensors. In a…

Design, development and performance evaluation of pressure sensor using eddy current displacement sensing coil

Gobi K., Kannapiran B., Devaraj D., Valarmathi K.

The conventional strain gauge type pressure sensor suffers in static testing of engines due to the contact transduction method. This paper aims to focus on the concept of…

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