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An improved structural design for accelerometers based on slotted eight-beam structure

Peng Wang, Yulong Zhao, You Zhao, Qi Zhang, Anjiang Cai

The purpose of this paper is proposed a new structure design for high performance accelerometer.

Diagnostics of ventricular tachycardia signals soft computing approach

Dejan Petrovic

The purpose of the paper is to analyze the ventricular tachycardia by soft computing. Ventricular tachycardia is a type of regular and fast heart rate which arises from…

Comparison of three kinds of sensors used to identify the incipient cavitation

Yang Zi Kang, Chi Feng, Liang Zhi Liu, Shan Gao, Yan Cang

Hydroelectric power is widely used because it is environmental friendly, renewable and green. The cavitation is an inevitable phenomenon during the operation of hydro…

Cloud IOT based novel livestock monitoring and identification system using UID

Saravanan K., Saraniya S.

We propose cloud IoT based LMS (Livestock Management System) with three features. i) Animal healthcare monitoring and recording using IoT sensors via wearable collar, ii…

Comparing different ITO-metal thin film structures for ethanol and carbon dioxide sensing application

Mohammadali Eslamian, Alireza Salehi, Zohreh Sadat Miripour

Indium tin oxide (ITO) thin film as a gas sensor has a good stability and performance. The purpose of this paper is to compare the effect of depositing different metal…


Vibration sensor for the health monitoring of the large rotating machinery: review and outlook

Shaoyi Xu, Fangfang Xing, Ruilin Wang, Wei Li, Yuqiao Wang, Xianghui Wang

At present, one of the key equipment in pillar industries is a large rotating machinery. Conducting regular health monitoring is important for ensuring safe operation of…


Enhancing WO3 gas sensor selectivity using a set of pollutant detection classifiers

Rabeb Faleh, Sami Gomri, Mehdi Othman, Khalifa Aguir, Abdennaceur Kachouri

In this paper, a novel hybrid approach aimed at solving the problem of cross-selectivity of gases in electronic nose (E-nose) using the combination classifiers of support…

Markers of the progression of kidney damage analyzed by soft computing approach

Danijela Tasic

The purpose of this study is to analyze markers of the progression of kidney damage by a soft computing approach.

Long-period fiber grating cascaded to thin-core fiber for simultaneous measurement of liquid refractive-index and temperature

Meng Jiang, Ze-Ming Wang, Zhong-Ze Zhao, Kun Li, Fu Yang

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a simple fiber sensor for simultaneous measurement of liquid refractive-index (RI) and temperature.

Experimental assessment and validation of an oil ferrous wear debris sensors family for wind turbine gearboxes

Vicente Macián, Bernardo Tormos, Guillermo Miró, Isaac Rodes

The purpose of this study was to perform a complete experimental assessment of a family of oil ferrous wear debris sensor is performed. The family comprised the original…

Recent advances in sensors for early detection of pathogens causing rheumatic heart disease

Swati Singh, Ankur Kaushal, Ashok Kumar

There is an immense concern in the international community about controlling the outburst of infectious diseases. An essential step towards diminishing it is the…

Detection and evaluation of heating load of building by machine learning

Khaled Mohamed Himair Swhli, Srdjan Jovic, Nebojša Arsic, Petar Spalevic

This paper aims to explore detection of heating load of building by machine learning. Detection of heating load of building is very important in design of buildings due to…

Temperature detection in cutting zone for different forms of chip shapes during machining process

Obrad Anicic, Srdjan Jovic, Srdan Tasic, Aleksa Vulovic, Milivoje Jovanovic

This study aims to detect the temperature distribution in the cutting zone during the machining process. Furthermore, temperature influence in the cutting zone on the…

Recent development of SPR spectroscopy as potential method for diagnosis of dengue virus E-protein

Nur Alia Sheh Omar, Yap Wing Fen

This paper aims to review the potential application of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) in diagnosis of dengue virus (DENV-2) E-protein and the development of SPR to become…

Sensorless estimation of lake level by soft computing approach

Srdjan Jovic, Predrag S. Vasic, Tatjana R. Jakšic

The purpose of the paper is to evaluate a lake lavel prediction model. Lake-level prediction is very important task for different crucial issues like planning of water…

Biometric template security: an overview

Naveed Riaz, Ayesha Riaz, Sajid Ali Khan

The security of the stored biometric template is itself a challenge. Feature transformation techniques and biometric cryptosystems are used to address the concerns and…

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