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Multi-technology sensors are being developed for medical, manufacturing, personal health and other applications not previously possible with historic single-technology sensors

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review the advancements in new multi-technology sensor products being developed or already serving the market and to explore such…

BRDF of human skin in the visible spectrum

Ali Sohaib, Laurence Broadbent, Abdul Rehman Farooq, Lyndon Neal Smith, Melvyn Lionel Smith

Significant research has been carried out in terms of development of new bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) instruments; however, there is still little…

Olfactory biosensor based on odorant-binding proteins of Bactrocera dorsalis with electrochemical impedance sensing for pest management

Yanli Lu, Yao Yao, Shuang Li, Qian Zhang, Qingjun Liu

Using the remarkable olfaction ability, insects can sense trace amounts of host plant volatiles that are notorious for causing severe damage to fruits and vegetables and…

A novel tactile probe with medical and surgical applications

Elnaz Afshari, Hadi Sarkhosh, Siamak Najarian

The paper aims to discuss design, fabrication, testing and simulation of a novel tactile probe used for measuring the stiffness of biological soft tissues/materials with a…

A unanimous trajectory calibration framework based on anchors in inertial pedestrian positioning

Yang Gu, Qian Song, Ming Ma, Yanghuan Li, Zhimin Zhou

Aiding information is frequently adopted to calibrate the errors from inertia-generated trajectories in pedestrian positioning. However, existing calibration methods lack…

Ensemble spin fabrication and manipulation of NV centres for magnetic sensing in diamond

Jiliang Mu, Zhang Qu, Zongmin Ma, Shaowen Zhang, Yunbo Shi, Jian Gao, Xiaoming Zhang, Huiliang Cao, li Qin, Jun Liu, Yanjun Li

This study aims to fabricate and manipulate ensemble spin of negative nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres optimally for future solid atomic magnetometers/gyroscope. Parameters…

Robotic inspection of ship hull surfaces using a magnetic crawler and a monocular camera

Annalisa Milella, Rosalia Maglietta, Massimo Caccia, Gabriele Bruzzone

Periodic inspection of large tonnage vessels is critical to assess integrity and prevent structural failures that could have catastrophic consequences for people and the…

New modified selective platinum electrode based on poly (ethylene glycol) for Iron (III) detection in real water

Nacira Mecheri, Messaoud Benounis, Houcine Barhoumi

This work aims to determine iron (III) in real water by using a new amperometric sensor on the basis of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to test and characterize a new modified…

Wood bonding strength sensitivity estimation and power consumption prediction in wood machining process by artificial intelligence methods

Srdjan Jovic, Zoran Golubovic, Jovan Stojanovic

The paper aims to present an investigation of wood bonding strength as a very important indicator for effective using in further manufacturing processes.

Analyzing of the sensitivity of chip formation during machining process

Srdjan Jovic, Dragan Lazarevic, Aleksa Vulovic

The paper aims to analyze chip formation during machining process since it can be a very important indicator for the quality of the machining process, as some chip forms…

Dynamic characteristics of resonant vibratory gyroscopes based on the damped Mathieu equation

Yan Li, Yuanyuan Qu, Yunjiu Zhang, Qingling Li

This paper aims to develop resonant vibratory gyroscopes for high sensitive detection. The dynamic characteristics of resonant vibratory gyroscopes are investigated.

A context-aware frequency estimation method for wireless passive resonant SAW sensors

Boquan Liu, Pinghua Tang

This paper aims to present an context evaluation and frequency measurement method for surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonant sensor.

A digital arbitrary size kernel convolution smart image sensor based on in-pixel pulse width processors

Mehdi Habibi, Ahmad Reza Danesh

The purpose of this study is to propose a pulse width based, in-pixel, arbitrary size kernel convolution processor. When image sensors are used in machine vision tasks…

Visual tracking via crossing-bin histogram Bhattacharyya similarity

Qiao Sun, Shengxiu Zhang, Lijia Cao, Xiaofeng Li, Naixin Qi

The purpose of this paper is to improve the robustness of the traditional Bhattacharyya metric for the effect of histogram quantization in the histogram-based visual…

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