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A low power mixed signal correlator for power efficient sound signature detection and template matching

Mehdi Habibi, Mohammad Shakarami, Ali Asghar Khoddami

Sensor networks have found wide applications in the monitoring of environmental events such as temperature, earthquakes, fire and pollution. A major challenge with sensor…

An efficient FDIR strategy on nonlinear processes of self-validating multifunctional sensors

Jingli Yang, Zhen Sun, Yinsheng Chen

This paper aims to enhance the reliability of self-validating multifunctional sensors.

Kurtosis-based IMM filter for multiple MEMS gyroscopes fusion

Qiang Shen, Jieyu Liu, Huang Huang, Qi Wang, Weiwei Qin

The purpose of this study is to explore a signal processing method to improve the angular rate accuracy of micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) gyroscope by combining…

A MEMS flow velocity sensor with low kinetic energy dissipation rate

Bian Tian, Huafeng Li, Ning Yang, Yulong Zhao, Pei Chen, Hanyue Liu

It is significant to know the real-time indexes about the turbulence flow of the ocean system, which has a deep influence on ocean productivity, distribution of the ocean…

Patch-based sparse reconstruction for electrical impedance tomography

Qi Wang, Pengcheng Zhang, Jianming Wang, Qingliang Chen, Zhijie Lian, Xiuyan Li, Yukuan Sun, Xiaojie Duan, Ziqiang Cui, Benyuan Sun, Huaxiang Wang

Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a technique for reconstructing the conductivity distribution by injecting currents at the boundary of a subject and measuring the…

Pedestrian navigation system using MEMS sensors for heading drift and altitude error correction

Xiaochun Tian, Jiabin Chen, Yongqiang Han, Jianyu Shang, Nan Li

This study aims to design an optimized algorithm for low-cost pedestrian navigation system (PNS) to correct the heading drift and altitude error, thus achieving…

Design and theoretical analysis of current transformer based on B-dot planar printed circuit board coil

Yanhang Zhao, Jingang Wang, Shoupeng Ban, Xueqi Hu, Diancheng Si

The purpose of this paper is to design a current transformer model based on the principle of B-dot. It can reflect the change of transmission line current and meet the…

A comprehensive review of fuzzy-based clustering techniques in wireless sensor networks

Manjeet Singh, Surender Kumar Soni

This paper aims to discuss a comprehensive survey on fuzzy-based clustering techniques. The determination of an appropriate sensor node as a cluster head straightforwardly…

Sensing with metamaterials: a review of recent developments

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide a technical insight into a selection of recent developments of sensor based on metamaterials.

A biomimetic 3D airflow sensor made of an array of two piezoelectric metal-core fibers

Yixiang Bian, Can He, Kaixuan Sun, Longchao Dai, Hui Shen, Hong Jin, Junjie Gong

The purpose of this paper is to design and fabricate a three-dimensional (3D) bionic airflow sensing array made of two multi-electrode piezoelectric metal-core fibers…

Portable multispectral imaging system based on Raspberry Pi

Nuria Lopez-Ruiz, Fernando Granados-Ortega, Miguel Angel Carvajal, Antonio Martinez-Olmos

In this work, the authors aim to present a compact low-cost and portable spectral imaging system for general purposes. The developed system provides information that can…

Recognizing human concurrent activities using wearable sensors: a statistical modeling approach based on parallel HMM

Zhelong Wang, Ye Chen

In sensor-based activity recognition, most of the previous studies focused on single activities such as body posture, ambulation and simple daily activities. Few works…

A review of passive self-sensing tag

Yawei Xu, Lihong Dong, Haidou Wang, Jiannong Jing, Yongxiang Lu

Radio frequency identification tags for passive sensing have attracted wide attention in the area of Internet of Things (IoT). Among them, some tags can sense the property…

A survey of liveness detection methods for face biometric systems

Yang Xin, Yi Liu, Zhi Liu, Xuemei Zhu, Lingshuang Kong, Dongmei Wei, Wei Jiang, Jun Chang

Biometric systems are widely used for face recognition. They have rapidly developed in recent years. Compared with other approaches, such as fingerprint recognition…

Characteristics of stacked multi-slot ring resonator sensors

Yoshiteru Amemiya, Shin Yokoyama

This paper aims to develop ring resonator type optical sensors for high-sensitive detection of biomaterials and a solution concentration surrounding sensor devices. The…

Optical excitation-enhanced sensing properties of acetone gas sensors based on Al2O3-doped ZnO

Xuehai Guo, Guofeng Pan, Xin Ma, Xiangzhou Li, Ping He, Zhongqiu Hua, Haiqing Li

The purpose of this research is to synthesize Al2O3-ZnO thick films, study the effect of doping and optical excitation on their sensing properties and introduce an…

Survey of supervised classification techniques for hyperspectral images

Qingchen Qiu, Xuelian Wu, Zhi Liu, Bo Tang, Yuefeng Zhao, Xinyi Wu, Hongliang Zhu, Yang Xin

This paper aims to provide a framework of the supervised hyperspectral classification, to study the traditional flowchart of hyperspectral image (HIS) analysis and…

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