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Sensors key to advances in precision agriculture

Robert Bogue

This study aims to illustrate the growing role that sensors play in agriculture, with an emphasis on precision agricultural practices.

Latest in VISION SENSOR Technology as well as innovations in sensing, pressure, force, medical, particle size and many other applications

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review some of the latest in new vision sensor technologies as well as other innovative sensor products being developed and reaching the market.

A survey on clustering routing protocols in wireless sensor networks

Chirihane Gherbi, Zibouda Aliouat, Mohamed Benmohammed

In particular, this paper aims to systematically analyze a few prominent wireless sensor network (WSN) clustering routing protocols and compare these different approaches…

Target infrared radiation calculation model and method based on finite element analysis method in infrared photoelectric detection system

Hanshan Li

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the detection performance of infrared photoelectric detection system and establish stable tracking platform.

Color texture classification based on proposed impulse-noise resistant color local binary patterns and significant points selection algorithm

Shervan Fekriershad, Farshad Tajeripour

The purpose of this paper is to propose a color-texture classification approach which uses color sensor information and texture features jointly. High accuracy, low noise…

Study on an innovative self-inductance tension eddy current sensor based on the inverse magnetostrictive effect

Chengzhu Xiu, Liang Ren, Hongnan Li, Ziguang Jia

Magnetic permeability variations of ferromagnetic materials under elastic stress offer the potential to monitor tension based on the inverse magnetostrictive effect. The…

Radius based domain clustering for WiFi indoor positioning

Wei Zhang, Xianghong Hua, Kegen Yu, Weining Qiu, Xin Chang, Bang Wu, Xijiang Chen

Nowadays, WiFi indoor positioning based on received signal strength (RSS) becomes a research hotspot due to its low cost and ease of deployment characteristics. To further…

A method for extracting angle information of direct P wave in shallow burst point localization based on wireless sensor array

Jian Li, Dan Wu, Yan Han, Lina Xu

The purpose of this paper is to extract the angle information of direct P wave within multidimensional vibration signals obtained through the sensor array, and to realize…

Non-destructive methods for the measurement of moisture contents – a review

Divya Nath K., Prabhu Ramanathan

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the moisture measurement techniques presently available, as accurate determination of the moisture content (MC) of grains or any…

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy fusion of multi-sensor data for monitoring of CNC machining

Srdjan Jovic, Obrad Anicic, Milivoje Jovanovic

Acoustic emission (AE) could be used for prevention and detection of tool errors in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. The purpose of this study is to analyze the…

Hollow waveguide-enhanced mid-infrared sensor for fast and sensitive ethylene detection

Jinyi Li, Zhenhui Du, Zheyuan Zhang, Limei Song, Qinghua Guo

This paper aims to provide a sensor for fast, sensitive and selective ethylene (C2H4) concentration measurements.

Segmentation of ordered point cloud using a novel measure of terrain unevenness

Satish Kumar Reddy, Prabir K. Pal

This paper aims to present object or feature segmentation from an ordered 3D point cloud range data obtained from a laser scanner for the purpose of robot navigation.

A hierarchical method for human concurrent activity recognition using miniature inertial sensors

Ye Chen, Zhelong Wang

Existing studies on human activity recognition using inertial sensors mainly discuss single activities. However, human activities are rather concurrent. A person could be…

A new method for the design of pressure sensor in hyperbaric environment

Zhe Niu, Kui Liu, Hongbo Wang

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new method for the design of a pressure sensor in the hyperbaric environment.

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