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3D printing: an emerging technology for sensor fabrication

Robert Bogue

This study aims to provide a technical insight into sensors fabricated by three-dimensional (3D) printing methods.

Chemically modified carbon paste electrode for the detection of lead, cadmium and zinc ions

Kisan Koirala, Jose H. Santos, Ai Ling Tan, Mohammad A. Ali, Aminul H. Mirza

This paper aims to develop an inexpensive, portable, sensitive and environmentally friendly electrochemical sensor to quantify trace metals.

Change detection in very high resolution imagery and vector data applied to the monitoring of geographical conditions

Zhenzhen Zhao, Aiwen Lin, Qin Yan, Jiandi Feng

Geographical conditions monitoring (GCM) has elicited significant concerns from the Chinese Government and is closely related to the “Digital China” program. This research…

Study on magnetohydrodynamics angular rate sensor under non-uniform magnetic field

Yue Ji, Xingfei Li, Tengfei Wu, Cheng Chen, Ying Yang

The evaluations of the magnetohydrodynamics angular rate sensor (MHD ARS) in its applications necessitate further improvements in the sensor’s dynamic measurement ability…

A DNA hybridization detection sensor based on photo biased ZnO thin film FET devices

Mehdi Habibi, Maryam Fanaei

The purpose of this paper is to present a DNA hybridization detection sensor. An inexpensive fabrication procedure was used so that the sensors can be disposed…

A machine vision based autonomous navigation system for Lunar rover: the model and key technique

Hui Li, Cheng Zhong

This study aims to find a feasible precise navigation model for the planed Lunar rover. Autonomous navigation is one of the most important missions in the Chinese Lunar…

Development of a combined magnetic encoder

Tong Feng, Shuanghui Hao, Minghui Hao, Jianli Wang

As a type of angular displacement sensor, the Hall-effect magnetic encoder incorporates many advantages. While compared with the photoelectric encoder, the magnetic…

Flexible pressure sensor with a “V-type” array microelectrode on a grating PDMS substrate

Jianli Cui, Junping Duan, Binzhen Zhang, Xueli Nan

This paper aims to provide a fabrication and measurement of a highly stretchable pressure sensor with a “V-type” array microelectrode on a grating PDMS substrate.

Internal and external factors effect on the mobile pressure sensors’ performance

Semih Dalgin, Ahmet Özgür Dogru

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of internal and external factors on the accuracy and consistency of the data provided by mobile-embedded…

Design and manufacture of TNT explosives detector sensors based on CNTFET

Saeid Masoumi, Hassan Hajghassem, Alireza Erfanian, Ahmad Molaei Rad

Miniaturized smart sensors that can perform sensitive and selective real-time monitoring of target analytes are tremendously valuable for various sensing applications. So…

A novel method of studying the micro-contact using surface acoustic wave sensor

Jian Yang, Hejuan Chen

This paper aims to investigate the response behavior of the surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor under the loading of micro-particles and to evaluate the feasibility of…

A review on image reconstruction algorithms for electrical capacitance/resistance tomography

Ziqiang Cui, Qi Wang, Qian Xue, Wenru Fan, Lingling Zhang, Zhang Cao, Benyuan Sun, Huaxiang Wang, Wuqiang Yang

Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) and electrical resistance tomography (ERT) are promising techniques for multiphase flow measurement due to their high speed, low…

A review of olfactory cell-based sensors: coupling microelectronics to olfactory cells

Qianqian Zheng, Liangliang Chen, Luyao Lu, Xuesong Ye

Olfaction plays a very important role in daily life. The olfactory system has the ability to recognize, discriminate and identify thousands of odorant compounds with…

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