Sensor Review: Volume 35 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Detecting explosives and chemical weapons: a review of recent developments

Robert Bogue

– The purpose of this paper is to provide details of recent developments in sensors for detecting explosives and chemical warfare agents.

Kalman filter-based yaw angle estimation by fusing inertial and magnetic sensing: a case study using low cost sensors

Pedro Neto, Nuno Mendes, A. Paulo Moreira

– The purpose of this paper is to achieve reliable estimation of yaw angles by fusing data from low-cost inertial and magnetic sensing.

A new boresighting method of the aircraft gun using a laser tracker

Qing Wang, Peng Huang, Jiangxiong Li, Yinglin Ke

The purpose of this paper is to propose an innovative method to extend the operating range of the laser tracking system and improve the accuracy and automation of…

Detection and self-healing of cluster breakages in mines and tunnels: an empirical investigation

Muhammad Yousaf Khan, Saad B. Qaisar, Muhammad Naeem, Awais Aslam, Saleem Shahid, Ijaz Naqvi

The study aims at providing a reliable system of real-time monitoring for underground mine and tunnels which detects any structural change in the network and reconfigures…

An effective hyperspectral image retrieval method using integrated spectral and textural features

Zhenfeng Shao, Weixun Zhou, Qimin Cheng, Chunyuan Diao, Lei Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to improve the retrieval results of hyperspectral image by integrating both spectral and textural features. For this purpose, an improved…

A room temperature 2 × 128 PtSi/Si-nanostructure photodetector array compatible with CMOS process

Alireza Erfanian, Hamed Mehrara, Mahdi Khaje, Ahmad Afifi

– The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a successful fabrication of 2 × 128 linear array of typical infrared (IR) detectors made of p-type tSi/porous Si Schottky barrier.

Nonlinear vibration-FBG sensing technique for plate detection

Li Cai, Yuegang Tan, Qin Wei

– This paper aims to put forward a nonlinear vibration method for crack detection based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG), which is used to receive the waves in the plate.

Multiaxis inclinometer for in depth measurement of landslide movements

Cristian Fosalau, Cristian Zet, Daniel Petrisor

The paper aims to present a device devoted to detect and measure earth displacements produced by landslides. This device is an inclinometer type geotechnical instrument…

Design of MEMS bionic vector hydrophone based on NBR sound-transparent cap

Mengran Liu, Ze ming Jian, Guojun Zhang, Nan Guo, Wendong Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to present a novel nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) packaging structure, which can solve the problems of the low sensitivity, narrow frequency…

Performance enhancement for piezoresistive microaccelerometer by geometrical design: a focused review

Yan Liu, Hai Wang, Hongbo Qin, Yongqiang Xie

– This paper aims to provide a focused review on the geometrical designs for performance enhancement of piezoresistive microaccelerometers.

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