Sensor Review: Volume 35 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Detecting gases with light: a review of optical gas sensor technologies

Robert Bogue

– This paper aims to provide details of the major optical gas sensing techniques and their applications.

Wearable sensors bring new benefits to continuous medical monitoring, real time physical activity assessment, baby monitoring and industrial applications

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review the recent advancements in the development of wearable sensors which can continuously monitor critical medical, assess athletic…

Wireless measurement for passive pressure sensors in high temperature environment

Yingping Hong, Ting Liang, Pinggang Jia, Wenyi Liu, Qiulin Tan, Chen Li, Tingli Zheng, Binger Ge, Jijun Xiong

Physical contact and traditional sensitive structure Physical contact and traditional pressure-sensitive structures typically do not operate well in harsh environments…

A self-developed indoor three-dimensional pedestrian localization platform based on MEMS sensors

Shengbo Sang, Ruiyong Zhai, Wendong Zhang, Qirui Sun, Zhaoying Zhou

This study aims to design a new low-cost localization platform for estimating the location and orientation of a pedestrian in a building. The micro-electro-mechanical…

Analysis of suitable modulation scheme for compressive sensing algorithm in wireless sensor network

Parnasree Chakraborty, C. Tharini

The purpose of this paper is to find out the use of compressive sensing (CS) algorithm for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). As energy-efficient algorithms are required for…

Design of real-time filter for the wheel force transducer

Dong Wang, Guoyu Lin, Weigong Zhang

Wheel force transducers (WFTs) have performance characteristics that make them attractive for applications in endurance evaluation of road vehicles, ride and handling…

Real-time wound management through integrated pH sensors: a review

Munezza Ata Khan, Umar Ansari, Murtaza Najabat Ali

Real-time monitoring of wound or injured tissues is critical for speedy recovery, and the onset of a cascade of biochemical reactions provides potential biomarkers that…

Integration of biosensors based on microfluidic: a review

Amin TermehYousefi, Samira Bagheri, Nahrizul Adib

Biotechnology is closely associated to microfluidics. During the last decade, designs of microfluidic devices such as geometries and scales have been modified and improved…

Film thickness planar sensor in oil-water flow: prospective study

Adriana Bonilla Riaño, Antonio Carlos Bannwart, Oscar M.H. Rodriguez

The purpose of this paper is to study a multiphase-flow instrumentation for film thickness measurement, especially impedance-based, not only for gas–liquid flow but also…

A low power miniaturized monitoring system of six human physiological parameters based on wearable body sensor network

Congcong Zhou, Chunlong Tu, Jian Tian, Jingjie Feng, Yun Gao, Xuesong Ye

The purpose of this paper is to design a low-power human physiological parameters monitoring system which can monitor six vital parameters simultaneously based on wearable…

Design and performance evaluation of a 3-axis force sensor for MIS palpation

Kun Li, Bo Pan, Juncheng Zhan, Wenpeng Gao, Yili Fu, Shuguo Wang

This paper aims to develop a novel miniature 3-axis force sensor which can detect the interaction forces during tissue palpation in MIS (minimally invasive surgery). MIS…

Recent trend in wireless sensor network and its applications: a survey

Poonam Prasad

This paper aims to review existing wireless sensor network (WSN) setups in various domains, focusing on affordable WSN so that it can be effectively utilised in solving…

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