Sensor Review: Volume 34 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Towards the trillion sensors market

Robert Bogue

– This article aims to provide an insight into recent deliberations on the possibility of a global sensor market reaching one trillion units per annum within the next decade.


Innovations in image sensing: a review of recent research

Robert Bogue

– This article aims to provide details of recent research into image sensing technologies.

Sensors stand out as an important key to improving manufacturing quality and productivity at the latest IMTS show

Richard Bloss

– Review of the IMTS show in Chicago with emphasis on the new sensor innovations and applications on display. The paper aims to discuss these issues.

Dual port temperature sensor tag for passive UHF RFID systems

J. Virtanen, F. Yang, L. Ukkonen, A.Z. Elsherbeni, A.A. Babar, L. Sydänheimo

The purpose of this paper is to develop a novel totally passive, wireless temperature sensor tag based on ultra high-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID…

Sensor-based ambient intelligence for optimal energy efficiency

David Robinson, David Adrian Sanders, Ebrahim Mazharsolook

– This paper aims to describe research work to create an innovative, and intelligent solution for energy efficiency optimisation.

Microwave sensors for the non-invasive monitoring of industrial and medical applications

O. Korostynska, A. Mason, A. Al-Shamma'a

This paper aims to discuss the general principles behind the microwave sensing and demonstrates the potential of cavity microwave resonator device in real-time monitoring…


Power output characterization assessment of thermoelectric generation in machine spindles for wireless sensor driving

Sheng Li, Xinhua Yao, Jianzhong Fu

For using wireless sensors to monitor spindle units without opening the spindle shell to replace the battery, harvesting the waste heat from spindle units of machine tools…

Particles flow identification in pipeline using adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system and electrodynamic sensors

M. Khairalla, M.F. Rahmat, N. Abdul Wahab, I.T. Thuku, T. Tajdari, Abdulrahman Amuda Yusuf

An identification model for materials flow through a pipeline is presented in this paper. The development of the model involves fuzzy C-means clustering, in which…

Embedded carbon nanotube thread piezoresistive strain sensor performance

Mark Schulz, Yi Song, Adam Hehr, Vesselin Shanov

Carbon nanotube (CNT) thread ' s piezoresisitive strain sensing properties of gauge factor, linearity, hysteresis, consistency, temperature stability, and bandwidth…

3D traversability awareness for rough terrain mobile robots

Giulio Reina, Mauro Bellone, Luigi Spedicato, Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro

This research aims to address the issue of safe navigation for autonomous vehicles in highly challenging outdoor environments. Indeed, robust navigation of autonomous…

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