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The international journal of sensing for industry

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Nanomaterials for gas sensing: a review of recent research

Robert Bogue

– This paper aims to provide a detailed review of gas sensor research which exploits the properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures.

Lasers sensors very accurately measure both speed and length in real time

Richard Bloss

– Review of the advancements in non-contact laser sensors for much more accurate real time speed as well as length measurements. The paper aims to discuss these issues.

Frequency analysis of ultrasonic wave propagation on metal pipe in ultrasonic tomography system

Javad Abbaszadeh, Herlina Binti Abdul Rahim, Ruzairi Bin Abdul Rahim, Sahar Sarafi

Since the importance role of ultrasonic tomography (UT) in industry, especially in oil industry, to produce noninvasive and nondestructive plane images, research on UT…

Review of recent trends in gas sensing technologies and their miniaturization potential

Sari Lakkis, Rafic Younes, Yasser Alayli, Mohamad Sawan

This paper aims to give an overview about the state of the art and novel technologies used in gas sensing. It also discusses the miniaturization potential of some of these…

Dynamic structural health monitoring of a civil engineering structure with a POF accelerometer

Paulo Costa Antunes, João Miguel Dias, Humberto Varum, Paulo André

In this work, the paper aims to demonstrate the feasibility of plastic optical fiber (POF) based accelerometers for the structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil…

A system of human vital signs monitoring and activity recognition based on body sensor network

Zhelong Wang, Cong Zhao, Sen Qiu

– The purpose of this paper is to develop a health monitoring system that can measure human vital signs and recognize human activity based on body sensor network (BSN).

Automatic measuring and processing system of audio sensing for real-time arc height control of pulsed GTAW

Na Lv, Jiyong Zhong, Jifeng Wang, Shanben Chen

Surface forming control of welding bead is the fundamental study in automated welding. Considering that the vision sensing system cannot extract the height information of…

A differential probe design for large-range metal detector

Feng Qiu Xu, Xianze Xu, Zhongbing Li, Yi Le

The metal detector used as a wall scanner has become a kind of popular household instrument. It is important to possess the characteristics, including low-cost…

Tapered plastic optical fiber coated with single wall carbon nanotubes polyethylene oxide composite for measurement of uric acid concentration

Malathy Batumalay, F. Ahmad, Asiah Lokman, A.A. Jasim, Sulaiman Wadi Harun, H. Ahmad

A simple tapered plastic optical fiber (POF) sensor is proposed and demonstrated for measurement of uric acid concentrations in de-ionized water. The paper aims to discuss…

Flame detection in grey-scale images of a B/W camera

Yongtae Do

Fire is a common disaster. Even though simple sensors such as those detecting smoke or heat are popularly employed, they require close proximity to fire. In order to…

Recovering spectral data of metallic paints at various observation angles by digital camera

Mahshid Montazeri, Ali Shams Nateri, Keivan Ansari

In this article, a simple system will be presented to measure reflectance of metallic surfaces quickly and precisely based on goniospectrophotometric geometry. The paper…

The new method of initial calibration with the wheel force transducer

Dong Wang, Guoyu Lin, Wei-gong Zhang, Ning Zhao, Han Pang

One of the major shortcomings in the data process of the traditional wheel force transducers (WFTs) is the theoretical errors of initial value determination. A new method…

Vibration of sensor diaphragm with residual stress coupled with liquids: effect of the residual stress

Huayong Wu, Shenjie Zhou

– The natural frequency of a diaphragm with residual stress in contact with a liquid is investigated theoretically in this paper. The paper aims to discuss these issues.

Fabrication and measurement of wireless pressure-sensitive micro-device based on high temperature co-fired ceramics technology

Shijun Zheng, Ting Liang, Yinpin Hong, Ying Li, Jijun Xiong

The paper aims to highlight a wireless pressure-sensitive micro-device with high pressure sensitivity and accuracy. It is based on the partially stabilized Zirconia (PSZ…

Infrared receptors of pyrophilous jewel beetles as model for new infrared sensors

Thilo Kahl, Herbert Bousack, Erik S. Schneider, Helmut Schmitz

Early detection of forest fires offers the chance to put the fire out before it gets out of control. The purpose of this paper is to look into nature and to learn how…

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